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Fur Out Faces

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Here are my sweet fuzzy kids.
Dexter was just waking up. He looks so silly..my funny face boy.

Sadie in the bedroom window last November. Her eyes are really green. We live high up, so she can watch birds that land in the top of really tall trees.
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I'm confused....?
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I had added pictures from PhotoBucket. I did not know that if I deleted photos from their site they would also vanish from here.
Sorry about that.
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Sadie is beautiful!
Rise and shine Dexter!
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Very sweet looking cats
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So pretty!!!
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great faces on beautiful furrys!
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Aaawww, Dexter! Let me sleep, Mommy! Sadie, you're such a beautiful girl enjoying your birds! Wonderful, Lei!
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Beautiful babies.
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