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What happened to my baby kittens

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I am starting this thread to tell you what happened to my baby kittens........

Two weeks ago yesterday, I heard very pathic meowing noises coming from the barn, I went and looked....there were 5 very sick looking newborns, and they were dirty, and abondoned, and almost dead.
My first instict was to just walk away, I knew I could not help them, and I had so much else to deal with right now.
But my heart would not let me leave them there to die alone.
So I brought them inside, put them on a heating pad, and tried to bottle feed them.
The two smallest ones, wouldn't even eat, they were too weak...they died right away.
The third one was sickly, but with my help he managed to hang on for four days before he died.
The fourth one I thought was doing okay, but 1 week later, he stopped eating, I kept trying to push the bottle into his mouth, but he would have nothing to do with it, and he died also.....

I bawled and bawled and bawled. I did my best, really I did....
I have some pictures I took of the babies before they died, and I will get them developed and have Catarina post them here for me soon.

The last and final baby is doing great, so far, he is grey, and his eyes are open now, I have had him for two weeks and one day. He has a big fat tummy, and seems like he will make it. I pray he will, I can't take losing another one.

I am mad right now, so mad I could spit, that some members (okay just one member) of this site seems to think it is my fault.
If I wasn't so mad, I could just forget it, but this is the response I got....and damned if I'm not gonna post it!!!!!!!!

Uh, I hate to rain on Opie's welcome home party, but what the hell happened to the other babies?? Maybe you should reconsider and find the ONE remaining baby a home and get a goldfish or something. And don't forget to let the water sit for 24 hours before changing it to get the chlorine out.

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Hope this answers your question Donna.
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You did your best and it must have been a horrible experience. I will keep the baby and you in my prayers.

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You did the best you can! Sounds like the one baby will be ok, and I hope he will be! And, don't let one person upset you..... it's not worth it.
Why do you have to be so rude to Debby? Oh, and the 24 hr. thing..... that is not true...... obviously you don't know about water conditioners?!
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Debby, I think you are very courageous to have tried to save those poor little babies, and my heart aches for you loosing four of them, but you did all that was humanly possible, and that you have saved that one little darling is a truely wonderful and amazing thing. I grew up on a farm and was forever trying to save abandoned babies, goats, lambs, fawns, and when they are weak and sick it is truely a miricle to bring them back. And you did it, you should be extremely proud and give yourself a big pat on the back.

Chee & Breeze
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I think that there is a special place in heaven for people like you and I would consider myself lucky if I ever got to see that place when i got there!
Keep up the great job and poop on other people who just can't stand the fact that you are doing a good thing!
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I agree with the others who have posted here. You did your very best, don't let one person upset you!
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Thank you all, I feel a little calmer now....I was just so shocked at the response, but I guess I shoudn't have been, considering the source.
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I'm sorry. I guess my sarcasm got away with me. I know you did the best you could under the circumstances. But I was shocked that it was never mentioned. I guess I got a little angry because if your cats were spayed or neutered you wouldn't have a kitten problem. I was in NO WAY blaming you for what happened to them. Kittens that are that small rarely survive. I deleted my post and am bowing out of TCS. Ihope that Opie II grows up to be big and strong. Please forgive me.


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I'm amazed you managed to save one. Babies that young need their mommas so much, us humans just don't cut it, no matter how hard we try. At least they were warm and cared for during their last few hours, and I know they appreciated it.

But it sounds like you have one little miracle growing there anyway. You did your best, and hopefully you have helped one of them. Nothing like a baby kitten!
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Donna, yes your "sarcasim" seems to get away with you quite a bit lately. And as far as my cats not being spayed or neutered, (although some of them are) There are many feral cats roaming around my farm, and the surrounding community, and who says THAT is not where they came from. You just assume things. And by the way, it WAS mentioned, that I had taken in this babies, and I am sure several others will remember it. No, I didn't make a seperate thread about how they all were dying, 'cause it hurt tooo much, and noone asked, so I kept it to myself. Sorry for your "shock" and what do you mean you wish me alot of luck in finding a job??? If you knew me, and I have made it quite clear, I have been at the same boring job for 12 years!!!! I think you must have gotten me confused with Nena.
As for you bowing out of TCS, maybe you should, until you can get yourself together and act like an adult, with some compassion. I have been far to nice about all the other times you have hurt me and flamed me, and others, with your posts, so I just can't do it anymore.
Bull that you were not blaming me.
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Debby, I am so sorry that you lost 4 of the babies. How horrible for you. I remember when you posted that you found them, it was in the thread when you were talking about having strep throat and a really bad day.
Don't let someone's else's response upset you. You are a sweet girl, and I believe that everyone here knows that! Chin up girl, you're the best.
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You did great! I to have had alot of experience raising abandoned kitties or bunnies and such. It's really hard especially if their not in great shape to begin with. So, You Go Girl!
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Although my Missy was a bit older than the kittens you found, I can appreciate all the hard work you put into caring for those poor babies. Its not easy to make sure they are fed every hour or two, around the clock, and that they eliminate eveyr time they eat. I was so frustrated many times I just sat and cried. And I only had ONE baby to care for. You are an angel for taking in five sweet kittens, and I agree with the others- four of them may have died, and that is very sad but they knew your love and kindness for the time they were with you. Its nothing short of miraculous that the fifth kitten survived, and it was because of you that it has! Pat yourself on the back for that-its a huge accomplishment! Its not easy being a kitty mommy! Never mind what rude people on here say about you. I've only known you for a short time, and I know that you are a remarkable woman. You are one of the sweetest most caring people I've ever 'met' Those of us with our eyes open can see that you adore your cats, all of them, and do whats best for them. I for one, appreciate the kind of compassion you have for animals.
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Debby - you know my thougths on this subject. You are an Angel for trying to save this bundle. Opie 2 will be just fine!
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Debby - I'm so glad you're having some luck with the grey kitten. It's amazing that he's holding on so well. I admire you for putting all the effort and love into these babies. I remember when you posted about finding them. You were sick with strepp throat at the time, and your work was being mean about it. I was just wondering the other day how they were doing.

Please don't feel bad about your cats not all being spayed and neutered. My grandparents were farmers and still live in a farming community. It's next to impossible to keep up with all the cats and kittens, especially since there are usually so many ferals running around farm property. You're doing a great job with your cats and the new baby. Keep up the good work!
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Debby...What you did for those little furbabies was wonderful. I'm so sorry some of them died. It sounds like little Opie has a very good chance of making it.
I was a bit concerned with the kittens we have when they were born. Two of them were a lot smaller than the others and seemed to get pushed away from momma by the others. I was hoping I wouldn't have to start bottle feeding them. I really didn't know how I would find the time. Fortunately, I didn't have to. They kept fighting their way through and did fine on their own.
You are truly an angel for taking on the huge job of being that little guys mommy!
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Hey lil one :daisy:

Listen, I would definitely leave anything anyone says anymore ALONE. We all adore you and that's all that matters. I don't like making excuses for people, but we never know what in the hell's going on in their lives. We've seen a lot of this on the site. Not just by one, but by many. Something is obviously wrong and prayers are needed instead of rebuttles. We all can read what's happening. We see it. You never had to explain to anyone that knows anything about kittens. Especially ones that are found in the condition you found them in.

You're one of the most kindest people I know, probably the most understanding. Try to find it within yourself to forgive as I'm sure it's not going to be that hard with you.

You're a joy to the site and just be happy to be who YOU ARE and KNOW IT!
With much Love...
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