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He doesn't seem to mind being dirty

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My Sammy doesn't seem to mind being dirty, does anyone elses cat act like this? I have never had a cat like this,he will roll in the dirt and have it all over him and the just sit quietly after. He does groom himself of course but not very quickly.
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We used to have a cat named Lucy who was like that. There was a small spot in the backyard that for some reason grass would never grow and she'd go out there and roll around in the dirt. She was a white cat with black spots. Sometimes her white fur would look grey and if you patted her side all of this dust would coming flying out!
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Cats really like rolling on the ground. My indoor babies roll on the carpet, the bed, or any spot that's in the sun. When my boyfriend takes his cat outside on a leash, he almost immediately rolls on the cement or dry dirt. I think that it helps keep them from being itchy. In the spring, it might also get rid of some excess fur.
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*LOL* sounds like Geo .. he is mostly white and he gets dirt stuck on his nose all the time .. makes him look gross .. He doesn't seem to mind ( expect when i am trying to clean off those ickies)

He always seems to be able to find dirt, no matter how hard i try to keep the house clean and no potted plants. We used to have a turtle and him and Shadow would go hop in with the turtle and lay in the dirt under the heat lamp. ( Yes i know cats and turtles DONT mix ) the door to the turtles closet was closed, but they could crawl under for the longest time. I would walk in and the cats would be sleeping in there and the turtle would be wondering around as normal. Now if i put mealworms in there Shadow and the turtle would fight over them so i would have to shoo the cats out for meal times.
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There is a little colony of feral cats in the garden of the apartment building I live in. A really dirty white tom cat showed up and started hanging out with our cats. I thought he was an abandoned cat because he was so dirty and was going to give him to a friend that does rescue work. When she showed up with her carrier, he took one look at it and ran off.

I followed him and sure enough, he has a loving home. The woman kept saying, "he rolls in the dirt, my grand-daughter bathes him, but he rolls in the dirt." You could tell this cat was really frustrating her by insisting on looking like a dirty stray!
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Don't cats (like dogs) roll in certain smells to mask themselves to catch prey? or to avoid being the prey?

Just wondering.
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My Bob Marley is knicknamed "muddy-paw-guy". He'll track thru mud puddles and doesn't bother to clean his feet.
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Frodo is one of the dingiest white cats I've ever seen. He's really not that into cleaning himself. His tail, for some reason, is really oily and is filthy no matter what we do. Maybe it's just laziness, 'cause his brother, Sam, will get sick of looking at his nastiness and start "helping" Frodo clean himself!
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Jamie manages to get filthy dirty (his best "trick" was exploring a bag of charcoal), but he doesn't like to be that way, and will demand that I clean him up. If he steps in his own waste, he won't clean himself, but will hop around on three legs till Mommy gets home to clean his dirty paw. Daddy isn't allowed to, so we've had some "dramas" here. Our last cat, Straycat, had absolutely no problem with being dirty, and would often nap on the compost heap.
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