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Friends at last...

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After 1 week, Simon and Elle are friends

I am very relieved.

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i know what that's like. it was really fun when i got got kate (only had tybalt at the time). to see her scare the wits out of him (he was 14 lbs and she was a peanut, really)...

then see this:

so cute. it's fun to see how quick they come around, once it happens.

they are gorgeous, btw. :-D
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Aw, I love seeing yours and everyone's pictures of their new kitties snuggling with the present kitty family.
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Yay! They look very content together
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That is too cute. I wish my kids snuggle together but they don't. I am not sure why. So I love pictures of snuggling kitties and your are just lovely.

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Awww, precious little babies!
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still waiting for mine to become friends! how cute they are belly rubs!
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Awww, such sweet pictures!!
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aww so sweet
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Aww, that's so sweet!
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Yay! Congrats. Its been 2 and a half weeks for us since we brought Lilly home, and there is still no sign of either kitty coming around. I think Lilly is too shy, and Ebony is too human needy. It hasn't made for positive interaction yet.
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beautiful kitties!
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awww would you look at that! How sweet
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I guess it really depends on the cats personality, I would hope that over time any cats could learn to be friends, I suppose some just learn faster then others.

Simon and Elle aren't BEST friends yet by any means, he still gives her a thumping if she tries to steal his sleeping spot, but I think he's just letting her know the boundaries.

When he's sleepy he will cuddle with her, but when he's wide awake he won't, but I figure if he's cuddling with her when he's sleeping that's progress! haha

All in good time
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Originally Posted by JaneMary
After 1 week, Simon and Elle are friends

I am very relieved.
hey, you're lucky - it took Pixel & Cable 7 months!
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It's nice to see that they have become friends. They look so cute snuggling up together!
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Awww, how cute, they look so cute sleeping together. I love Siamese cats.
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