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indoor kittens and open windows, suggestions, pls

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Well, as it is getting warmer, I really would like to open my windows to get some circulation in the house. My kittens are about 5 months old, but very small (healthy, spayed, vet checked, etc, mom is small too.)
This is my first Spring with any cats, and I am afraid if I open the windows more than an inch an a half, they will pop out the screens, go outside and be hopelessly lost (or hurt.) I went to Petsmart and asked if there were any products to keep cats from escaping through open windows (some kind of special grate that fit into windows, or something?) They were rather rude and told me to go to Home Depot and buy screens. I have screens! They don't seem very substantial protection in the face of very active kittens. I can't be the only person with indoor cats who likes to have her windows open! I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks -A
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I have not seen anything advertised for that purpose. My suggestion would be to look at the screens to see what kind of clips are used. You can usually buy them at harware stores, and add more to secure it. Also, we replaced all of our screens with a heavier material so we wouldn't worry about them ripping through it.
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We use the decorative plastic trellis that you use in rose gardens and train ivy to crawl up on. Comes in all shapes and sizes, trim them to fit the window, they pop in and out after securing four screws to keep it in place- just make sure you don't get the type with large holes that kittens can crawl through
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I like Hissy's idea better but....
My parents used to put chicken wire in our windows at home (both to keep the kitties and the infants in). It's durable and can be screwed over the existing mesh. In our case it also allowed for the window to be open and shut at will.
If it were me, I'd go with Hissy's idea though. It'd be nicer looking for sure.
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I recently replaced all the windows in my older home with double sash windows, I can open the top sash and allow cool air in and yet the cats cant get out. They also tilt IN for easy cleaning. Another thing to do is buy some smaller screens premade in a frame and place them in the open window and then close the window down on them to hold them in place
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Hmmmmmm. You know, we've been getting some great weather for quite a while now (with off and on bad spots) and I've had my windows open. Obi is very active, but I've had no problems with the screens. Our screen material is very durable, and the clips are quite stable. I checked before leaving them open! They wouldn't hold a really heavy kitty, but Obi is approaching 10 lbs. For peace of mind you could try Hissy's suggestion, but I also think you'd be OK as long as your screens are decent, with solid clips.
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Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. I have never heard of a screen being held in place with clips. Mine snap into the outer window frames themselves. My kittens all have their claws (I considered de-clawing them until I found out that the procedure required amputating part of each paw ) so I am afriad they could tear through the screen if there were a tasty looking bird on the other side of the window. I will definatley try the trellis suggestion. I am sure I have some bits of trellis in my garden shed somewhere. I would feel much more comfortable with the windows open with something solid like that in place. Thanks again for you great ideas. -A
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I had the same issue with Marsh, thankfully, he grew up in the spring and summer, when we have central AC. I too was afraid he'd pop the screens, we had another cat who popped a screen and fell from an apartment window (total unharmed). Now, i can open windows and marsh is as cool as can be, he's 1.5 years old.

also, you have to think about a cat who gets spooked or one who does not. our earlier one got spooked at a slightest sound, marsh's just a cool customer, but again, as a kitten, we didn't' really know what his reaction can be.

i say, better safe than sorry
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maybe put a mosquito web and clipped it?
sorry i dont really know wat the english name call...
just a web / a net..
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