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Feeding tube question

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When I spoke to my vet last, he suggested that we might have to put Felicity on a feeding tube, as she is not eating due to a URI. I'm just curious as to the general cost of this, and how long the tube will have to stay in, I am totally clueless, so excuse these stupid questions. Is this a permanent thing? or just until she starts eating again? and how much will it cost.. thats what i need to know. money is very tight, but i will do everything I can. Thanks for all the help
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There are several methods of feeding via a tube. In the case of a URI I would assume that they will either pass a tube down her throat or nose. There are a few surgical methods, which are generally only used for cats who are recovering from serious injuries or liver problems. In most cases the feeding tube is not a permanent thing, it's only used until the cat can eat on their own. As for cost, it depends on your vet, and how they plan to do it.
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can you give me an approximation maybe? like over $500?
just curious. thanks for your help
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Hi, here is a rough estimate for a feeding tube insertion at a vet clinic I worked at 1 yr ago, I am looking at a bill that I had for a kitty of my own. that required the surgical feeding tube through her throat This is an estimate only, each vet can be VERY different. Also Keep in mind this is a small town vet I use which is sometimes almost 50% cheaper than large city vets.
Pre-anesthetic sedation $15-$20
Anesthetic(preferably isoflurane), $80/half hour
Feeding Tube insertion, $50
Feeding Tube, $20
Suture and surgery pack, $50-75
In-clinic care, $25-50/day depending what and who is involved
Medications if needed, approx $5-10/day
Then remember you will have this kitty on meds to go home with and may have to bring it back very regularly for check ups.
Then if fluid therapy is needed on top of everything else, you are looking at an additional maybe $40/day if they go IV, $25 if they can get away with Sub-Q fluids. Goodluck!
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How much water should I mix with Felicity's wet food in order to syringe feed her? I am worried that we have been putting in too much water, and am scared she will get too full from all the water, and not eat enough. thanks.
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Your biggest concern when feeding a cat watery food is asphirating the cat by shooting the liquid to quickly down the throat so it gets into the lungs. Your vet should be able to give you a safe ratio of food vs water for Felicity
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