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Yes!!! He's Home!  

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Finally! He's home!!! I went to the vets today with my Mom and my best friend Michael. It was really funny because all the techs had a little party for him...I couldn't believe it. They said he was one of the best patients they ever had because most patients will be all hissy and impatient because of being locked up. Not the Opmaster! :LOL: He's really a cool dude! Ha! So, I was really relieved. Not only did Opie have a successful operation, but we made some really nice friends over there too.

Well, the prognosis looks pretty good. He's going to be in a cage for about another week or so. I have some meds for him including prednisone, but I'm not supposed to use that one unless he appears to be in bad pain (which he hasn't had pain meds for over a day and the doc doubts very seriously that he needs it) He's already putting pressure on that one leg and the doc's very happy with his progress. So am I!!!

I put him in the spare room until the cage is ready and I noticed that Cash, Cary and Murphy were playing footsies with him under the door. That was soooo cute to see! :laughing2:laughing2 :LOL::LOL: Murphy knows Opie...Cash and Cary don't (but soon enough!) Anyway, I have to go finish his condo...Just another door and it's done, he even has a skylight! :LOL: :laughing2: I'm so happy!!!!

I'll keep ya posted and thanks so much for all your love!

Love & Major Hugs,
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Orange kitties are the best! You might want to consider covering the cage a bit with a dark cloth just to keep him settled down and quiet. Also, putting ice chips in with him will help his thirst and settle his stomach as well. Good luck
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Welcome Home Opie!

Give the Opester a big kitty kiss from me!

(Lily sends one too, the 'lil hussy!)
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I am SO happy!!!!!!!!!

I am glad he is feeling better and is home with his mommy now!!!

I have decided, if it's alright with you, that the one remaining baby I have out of the ones I found abandoned two weeks ago, should be named Opie, in dedication of everything your poor Opie has had to endure! Plus, I really like the name!!!!!!
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Welcome Home, Opie!

Hey there, Opie, we're thrilled you're home with your buddy Catarina! Get all better soon, okay?


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This is a good day!


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Quote by Donna

Uh, I hate to rain on Opie's welcome home party, but what the hell happened to the other babies?? Maybe you should reconsider and find the ONE remaining baby a home and get a goldfish or something. And don't forget to let the water sit for 24 hours before changing it to get the chlorine out.


Donna, you are so rude. I find it very hard to like you, no matter how hard I try. I found those 5 abondoned babies when they were less than a few hours old, and two of them were already half dead, they had dirt crushed into their mouths when I found them, but I took them inside, and tried my hardest to keep them alive, but they died, and the third and fourth ones died soon after....they were sick and weak when I found them, I am damn lucky that ONE of them is still alive, and he is doing well, fat tummy, and all, so why don't you go take the goldfish bowl and pour it over your sorry head. I am tired of being nice to you.
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Cat...I haven't been around here lately and just finished reading about Opie in a different thread. I'm glad everything went well with his operation and he's home now and recovering so nicely already.
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So glad to hear your sweet Opie is home.
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Hooray! Welcome home Opie!
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Yay for Opie!

I'm glad he's home. Recovery seems so much faster at home.

And I'm glad it looks like he's going to get along well with the new kitties, too. They'll have a few weeks of cage time to figure it out, too.

You must be so happy to have him home.
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He's home and filled with piss and vinegar. I built this cage for him out of the same dimensions as the one in the hospital, but since he's home, I guess he thinks he can do as he pleases. "WRONG"!

As I was building the cage, I left him in a small room. Someone went in, and then forgot to close the damn door! Opie was gone when I came back and I had to hunt the cat down. That was real nice I found him about a half-hour later (seemed more like two hours). Of course he was hiding in one of the most weirdest places.

I put him in his cage (which he seemed to like). He kept me up all nite (poor guy) trying to get out. He hates it in there, but I have to keep him in there for now. He didn't go home to where my other cats are, Job, Ninya, Sharky, Brown Brown, and Elvis, cause I wanted to keep a better eye on him here. So, he's now sharing quarters with Murphy, Cash and Cary. He knows Murph but not the twins. We'll see how that goes.

Today, I have to go pick the bird I inherited upon my Grandmother's death...this should prove to be interesting, Now I'll have one bird, nine cats and dog. I hate to say this, but I'm not happy about the bird. I'm not exactly a bird person; but, I'll do as my Grandmother wishes.

Well, I have a big day today, I better hit it. By the way, I am in no way trying to start problems, but I could't seem to notice the flaming. Please take them to the pm's and duke it out there. Or, maybe Anne will have to open up a new forum for "Cat Fights at the CatSite."

Love & Peace,
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I have to agree wih Cat....let's keep the flaming in the private PM's. The forums are no place for them.
Cat fight Forum?!!! - how funny is that!:tounge2:
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Cat Attack Rap Song

My ears are flat and ready to attack
I ain't cuttin no slack
So try to talk back

Don't be dissin
Cause I'll be hissin
Words can be sharper than claws
So don't test my paws

If you don't pm me, or don't call
I'll have to spit you out like a big hairball;
Remember there's no glitter
When your scratchin' through litter

We can talk it out, make things nice
Maybe share a couple of mice (eeeeeks)
Let's get down to happy conclusion,
All this flack goes against my constitution.

Love & Hugs...recently recorded on CatanineTails Studios hahahaaha!
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Cat - that was hysterical and I think it sums it all up! Thank you for lightening up everything! Can I have a recorded cc of that along with an autograph? - you may be on MTV before you know it!
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I'm trying to figure out just what melody that should be set to...
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sounds like a perfect rhyme for a rap song, Cleo!
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I was just defending myself in response to her rude post, which she later edited out, but you are right, I should have just PM'd her instead.....but after dealing with this crap for so long, it gets a bit old, and sometimes our human nature takes over and we have to defend ourselves immediately. If I would of had more time to think, I would have deleted her post myself, then replied to her in private, but I did what my heart said to do at the time. Sorry it was in the middle of your thread, Cat, I will try not to let it happen again, but I think you will understand since you yourself very openly responded to her in the same manner on the forums, when she flamed you. It's always easier to say what is right and proper when we are not in that position ourselves at the time. I hope this is the end of it. Sorry guys.

Cat, give Opie a big hug for me. I think I will name my little kitten something else, so it will not always remind me of this, and also so it won't be so confusing having two Opies on the site. Luv ya.
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I just deleted my post twice in response to Debra Meyers cause I thought her's was the only response. Then, I saw Cleo's...then...well, you guessed it What's up with my computer man! :laughing2

I hope you can see that I was really just goofin' but historically, I've always said the same thing about using the pm's.

Deb, there were two times out of ?????????? times I've been flamed where I took it out on the board and that was at the height of the cold war here! :laughing2.."Cold War At The CatSite" :laughing2:laughing2...but you have a good point that if you just can't take it...ya gotta do whatever suits you.

My whole point is that it's better by both parties to take it behind the scenes. Let me just say this; if you never replied on the board, I know you'd have handled it behind the scenes. We (other members) don't need to see your response. I know you're an adult and can take matters into your own hands responsibly without all the fanfare and gossip. Oh, people just eat that up! I'm just being very open, real, and honest.

Deb, I hope you don't think I'm scolding you. I've walked in your shoes and didn't like it either. But, I do know you've been under alot of heat and for what???

Anyway, I wish you'd reconsider about naming your kitty Opie...I really would love to see Opie have a lil cousin Opie Pleeeeeeze keep the name!!!

Love you!

PS...Deb, this is your Thread as well as mine or anyone else's; you didn't screw anything up!
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