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Aww what a little cutie, I am glad she got to you ok and she is starting to settle and has come out of her carrier.

Keep us updated with how she is and some more piccies as she definately is a cute little flower.

Eva x

Ps> Love the name Evie, we named our cat Evie but then it turned into Eviecat
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I am glad she made it safely to you! She is a pretty little thing. Good luck with the intros, it sounds like so far so good. Please let us know how it goes. I am so envious, I have always wanted a Siamese. Give her a good ear scritching from me!
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She's a beauty!!! You are so fortunate that she's getting along so well in your new home Congratulations!
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She's hiding this morning. I don't know where she is. I do know she can't have gotten out, so she's probably behind some funiture. I've looked for her, but right now I can't find her. She's not fighting the boys, but she's pretty traumatized by the move.
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I know this won't necessarily work, but if it were me...I'd go on the fact that most Siamese are curious, and like attention and to be invovled in what you are doing...so...this would be a morning where I'd be doing a lot of talking to my other kitties, playing with them, I'd set up little dishes of food here and there so that she'll smell them and hopefully decide she's hungry...and keep telling her (and calling her by her name) as if she's in front of you, how excited you are that she's come to live with you, how much you already love her.

Really, I'd talk up a blue storm in a very calm, loving fun voice...no calling her name sounding concerned, of course, as you don't want her to think something's wrong so she should stay hiding. You want her to realize it sounds like fun out there and safe and gee, what am I missing?

just my 2 cents,
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she is such a beautiful girl!!! Good luck with continuing to get her settled.
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Awww Hope she's a beauty!! I hope she continues to settle, and her and your boys get along!
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Hope what a special day for you. I know when I first brought Saba home she had her own room for the first 24 hrs, I'm unsure how it is w/your breed of girl or the layout of your place. You'll probably get lots and lots of advice!! LOL! I amaway for almost all day today with Eric's parents (Sunday is important) and I can't wait to check back tonight!!!! You're wonderful.
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She is really beautiful! I hope the introductions continue to go well and in no time, she is out playing with your boys!
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She is a beautiful girl, please keep us posted on her progress with your two boys. I want a siamese too. :-)
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Congrats, she's very beautiful. I hope the introductions goes well.
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She sounds pretty calm really for having endured the trip and the new cats and new environment.

I probably would have given her a room to herself for a couple of days and visited frequently and talked lovingly to her before introducing her to the rest of the crew and the rest of the house.

Hope it works out well for you - sounds like you are off to a good start anyway.

She really is beautiful. Congratulations.
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Best of luck, Hope. Evie is an absolutely adorable little girl!
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