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Evie arrives tonight

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Some of you may know that I'm getting a 3 1/2 year old retired chocolate point Siamese. She arrives tonight. I'll be picking her up at LAX at about 6 :15pm Pacific Time at LAX. I'm so excited about finally meeting her. I'm a little nervous about her initial reaction to my boys, but I have every confidence that in time she will learn to accept them.

She's coming from the San Francisco Bay area, so it should be a short flight for her. I'm a bit worried about her flying in the luggage compartment, so please send out protective vibes for her, and it wouldn't hurt to get some vibes that she'll accept my boys and me, as well, and they will be nice to her.
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Oh Hope (((((Mega calming vibes))))) heading your way!.

I can imagine you must be nervous but at the same time you must be so excited
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oooh how exciting . Sending lots of good vibes for her safe arrival at LAX. Have a good drive to meet her and I'll send lots of "friendship" vibes to your boys for her arrival.

By the way Hope - I saw some Bengals at a Cat Show today - first time I've ever seen them in real life and they were absolutely beautiful. I'd told hubby before how lovely they were - yes, he's definitely smitten.
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Congratulations, Hope! Can't wait to see pics! Hope her flight goes well and that all the furkids get along.
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Congratulations, Hope! Sending Mega Vibes your way.

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Good luck! =)
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Congratulations and good luck! I bet you are climbing the walls with excitement right now!!!
Can't wait to hear how the introductions go and I cannot wait to see pictures of the little beauty! I hope her flight is a safe and comfortable one!
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I bet you are SOOOO EXCITED. I'm sending vibes that she has a calm flight and arrives safely and ready to go to her new home! You will need all the vibes you can get. A new introduction is never easy, but it's all worthwhile in the end, isn't it? Good luck and lots of kisses to your new girl!!!
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Good luck, Hope! I'm sending vibes that everything goes well!
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Hope, I just know everything will be might take some time...but it wil be great.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Hope, I just know everything will be might take some time...but it wil be great.
Yeah Eddie You say well!!!, Hope My best wishes to reach sucess with your boys!!!.... Can´t wait to see pic´s!!!
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How exciting!!!
Sending out mega "all goes well" vibes.
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Thanks for the positive vibes. They just called me and said she will be getting here a little bit later. She should be here about 8pm Pacific time, instead. Apparently the original flight was cancelled.

Here is a picture of Evie, that they sent me.

I'm excited. Please please, send as many good vibes as you can for her safe journey and for her to accept me and my boys. The breeder believes she will love me right away, but she says it may take some time for her to accept my boys.
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C'mon Evie! Your new Meomy is waiting on you!!! Sending more vibes your way!
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::: fingers crossed:::

Congrats on the new addition!
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She is truly lovely, congratulations!
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Evie is just the cutest thing. Sending lots of good vibes for a safe trip and an easy adjustment to her new forever home. Congratulations. I can imagine how excited you are. Pictures please when you can.

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She is such a beautiful girl! Keeping the good vibes coming!
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Hope, Evie is beautiful! Congrats! Sending positive vibes for you, your boys and your new furry girl
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Evie sure is beautiful! Keeping the good vibes coming!
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She is an absolutely lovely cat. Here's all good wishes that she had a safe and easy flight and she settles into her new home without a hiss or a hitch.

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Hope, is she there yet? I've been waiting on pins and needles to hear she has arrived safely and is home there with you ... post an update as soon as you can, OK?
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Congratulations! She is beautiful I'm sending alot of *Good Vibes* that her trip went well and that she will get along with the boys
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! She sure is a beauty. I'm sure with time and patience she will accept your boys, and I have no doubt she will see the goodness in your heart as soon as she meets you.
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Evie is here. She's so beautiful, and such a delicate little flower of a girl. Next to Shane she is a tiny little thing. That photo does not do her justice. She is so beautiful. So far she has not reacted to my boy cats. She is shy right now. I have her in the living room around the other cats, and I have her carrier open but she is not leaving it. Both Simba and Shane have checked her out, but she's not growling or anything. Simba seems to be a bit freaked out, and he's hiding in the top kitchen cubbard. From what I can see, things will work out. Evie is not reacting negativley to either of my boy cats, but she does seem too scared to come out of her carrier.
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Glad to read she's in her new home safe and sound, I look forward to hearing about the next few days
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Here's a picture I took of Evie in her carrier. She is out now, but I'm going to let her explore the new sites and smells without bothering her. Still no problems with her or the other cats.

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Hope she slooks so sweet Well theres no hissing or growling so i'd say thats a brilliant start!
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Welcome home Evie!!!
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Hope - Evie is beautiful. Welcome home Evie!!! I'm so glad that she is taking the change in her stride and the boys are not finding things difficult
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