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kitten won't eat!

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I just got a 7 week old kitten yesterday. I set out a fresh bowl of kitten chow, a small bowl of water, and some canned food. She won't touch any of it. I tried to dip my finger in the canned food and wipe on her mouth hoping she would lick it off and realize it wasn't so bad and eat it. She was meowing to no end this morning, crawling through my hair as if looking for a place to nurse. We went to the pet store and bought a kitten bottle and kitten formula, but she wouldn't drink that, either! I tried to play with her mouth with the bottle hoping she would play back by chewing on the end and getting a bit of milk in her. It worked, but she still didn't get very much to eat. I am worried. She seems healthy.She is playing and sleeping regularly, and she uses the litter box, but she just WON'T EAT!!
any suggestions??
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its only been a day. her whole worlds been rocked and she needs time to adjust and get used to the change.

leave her be in a safe quiet room to explore and she might feed on her own.

has she been vet checked?
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Yeah, your kitten needs some quiet time. Let her relax for a while. Do you know what she was being fed before you got her? You might be giving her foods she has never seen before!

And seven weeks old is a touch young to be separated from the mama, so she is probably trying to figure out what is happening. Give her the benefit of the doubt as she acclimates to this new household.
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She is pretty young- have you tried kitten glop? I have yet to meet a cat who won't eat glop I also put the food in jar lids. It is easier for kittens to eat out of small jar lids than out of bowls or plates. It is also possible that the bottle you bought, you didn't make the hole big enough for the formula to travel through (that happens often)

www.kitten-rescue.com will help you figure out how to feed her
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