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Advice Please

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Hello, my kittens are 17 days old and according to the kitty calander I am suppose to introduce a litter box to them. I need advice on this whole process. I have a cooking sheet that a put the litter in...now what?
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How many kittens do you have? The minimum number of litter boxes "needed" right now is equal to or greater than the number of kittens.

Basically just set up shallow trays of non-clumping litter like they have in the adoption windows of the pet store. Some people would say spread them out around the house and keep them very separated from the food supply, but I would keep them closer to the headquarters set up by the mamacat. Maybe put the pans in the same room or adjacent rooms?

Change them as normal. Look for mamacat to teach them, but if they seem confused you can gently place them in a litterbox so they get used to the feel. No big production -- just use it as a part of getting them used to handling and socialization with humans. A lot of using the litter box is instinct.

Besides that, just remember to have patience and not expect too much right away.

Good luck!
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Really it is up to mom. They will emulate her in every way, so all you really have to do is provide the area they can use for elimination
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ok, so Mom will bring her kits to the pan...i noticed that mom was smelling where I had put the pan...I am really new to this...and dont want to mess it up
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Personally, I think 17 days is a little early - I introduce kittens to the litter at the same time I introduce them to food other than what comes from Momma. But, everyone's situation is different. If you feel they are ready for the litter, then by all means, follow the advice already given. Don't be surprised if they try to eat the litter (that's why we don't like clumping for babies) or play in it.

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ok, well its there if they get motivated
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