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I'm not looking for advice, just voicing stuff.

We got Oz last July, so this is the first moulting season we've had with him. I've never known a cat moult like him. We're finding clumps of his fluff everwhere he lies.

He won't let me comb him much to help him get rid of it, he just grabs a mouthfull of fluff and pulls it off himself. We had a semi long haired cat before, but his coat wasn't as thick as his, his is really thick.

Another thing about his coat, you know that greasy feel to your hands after stroking a dog? well I get the same from him (always have that's not connected to the moult). That's something else I've never had with a cat.

Is it just him, or do others have that?
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An ex-girlfriend of mine had a cat whose fur felt "greasy" to the touch. She was always giving him a shampoo or something, but this "greasy" thing would quickly return within a day or two. Don't know how common it is...?

Nano is shedding a lot right now but nothing like what you describe. I'm assuming there are no bald spots, no change in diet and no new stressful events?

Anyway...sounds like you have it under control and just wanted information. So yes, I've known of a "greasy" cat before.
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All my cats are sheading something terrible right now. I consintly bathing or combing. I only have one thou that feels kind of greasy, but she has always felt that way thou. so, Yea, I know what youa re talking about. Good Luck with it.
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Sounds like he needs supplements to his diet- if you have access to fish oil, that will help. Also look into the Zoom Groom even cats that hate brushing enjoy the zoom groom-
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Mine don't feel greasy, but they are shedding at the moment. Thankfully they love the proper brush i got for them this time!.
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One of the cats I had when I was younger had that oily feel, as well as dandruff. He was a big cat, and overweight as well as muscular. He couldn't reach the area near his tail to clean himself. The bigger he got, the less of his body he could clean. Is your kitty overweight? If not, I would definitely talk to the vet about supplements. We used them with our dog for his allergies and they helped his coat tremendously.
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Thanks for the replies. He is a big cat, but he does seem to be able to access all areas and is often washing.

No there's no bald areas, and there's no flakes of skin, he just seemed to get a thicker winter coat, even a slight main around his neck. Now it's thinning down. Not knowing his backgound, as he was picked up as a stray, I'm wondering if he's a touch of some breed in him that makes his coat like that. Maybe a Maine Coon, or Norwegian Forest cat.

I just have to catch him off guard for the odd run through with the comb, until he notices and attacks it

By the way, what's a Zoom Groom?
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This is a Zoom Groom! My cats LOVE it
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Shadow is oily like that.. she eats the same food as our other cats .. the only thing she used to eat that was different was mealworms. She has been oily since she was a kitten though.

She will actually come to the shower when i am in there taking a shower when i call her and let me pick her up and give her butt a wash. She has long hair and i swear her kester stinks worse then the other cats. She will not let me trim that hair around her butt and belly so it will be easier for her to wash.

She also likes playing in water. Go figure!
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