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disinfecting wool blankets/sweater from ringworm fungus

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Is there anyone out there that has words of hope? I feel so hopeless!
I brought my kitten to the vet for innoculations. A few days later she had red bumps. I thought this might be from the ammoxicilin the vet presbribed for her sneezing. I thought maybe an allergic reaction. I called the vet and he said it was probably an allergic reaction and to use hydrocortison and neosporin on her then cover her with a sweater so she wouldn't lick. A few days later my husband had a ring around his arm. Then I had one. Then my daughter had one on her eye..................then my year old cat had one. Golly I lthought, LORD help me. I knew then that my kitten DID NOT have an allergic reaction. She had a contagious skin disease. I laid awake at night then researched on the internet. I thought the cat had given us cat scabies. I called the vet the next morning frantic and they got me in first thing. The doctor told me that our cats had ringworm. They bathed the cats in medicated shampoo and prescribed an $80 liquid medicine. I went home, vacumed all 4000 sq ft of my home, washed all blankets, sheets, etc in bleach, wiped down countertops, sprayed bleach solution on carpet after vacuming and lysoled all light switches and doorknobs. I feel like the few days that we thought our kitten had an allergic reaction the ring worm infected all of us. My one spot went to two, then three then four and my daughter now has three. My kitten is just literally covered in them. It's bad. I think that when I was using the neosporin that it spread the ring worm and made it WORSE! Also the vet administered an antiinflamatory and antibiotic when he thought it was an allergic reaction which may have also mad it worse. I feel so HELPLESS and HOPELESS. I am EXHAUSTED! My 6 year old daughter doesn't know not to touch things. Do I keep her out of school? I feel like a leper. I have covered my lesions in bandaids as well as my daughter and husband but I feel like more might appear. When I shower I am afraid to touch myself and wash. I feel EXHAUSTED to the point of collapse. Even though I spent a good 9 hours cleaning and disinfecting I still feel like my home is dirty and will never be the same again. I was already a germaphobic to begin with. I think it all stemmed from my husband bringing home ring worm from the gym. He used an ointment and it was gone and we never thought about it again until now! I had never had this before in my life and I feel like there will never be an end. Can anyone tell me that there is a light in the tunnel? Can anyone say that they have survived this? My husband keeps telling me to relax and chill out but it is impossible to do that with ringworm!

Anyone, PLEASE IF YOU HAVE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT, I could really use them.
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Sweetie its ok!

I am going to ask a mod to split this into its own thread so you can get the answers you need! It is late so lots of people aren't around right now, but in the morning you will get some responses.

Be patient and calm!
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Poor baby. Oh, you must be so upset! One of our experts will be along shortly to help you. I recommend getting your kitty to a different Vet promptly, preferably a Feline Specialist. Please hang in there and keep us updated how she is doing!
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Here is a link to a previous post about ringworm and disinfecting wool blankets. Hope this helps!


and here is a link to another site that has some useful information of a holistic nature that you may find useful.


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Ringworm is a fungus and highly contagious. I battled it a few years ago with a rescued kitty and everyone in the house got it before we finally contained it and got rid of it. The kitty was a shelter kitty, and I hear that ringworm does thrive in over-crowded feline situations.

You just have to remember to breathe- it will be okay, it can be beat. See your doctor for the proper creams and ointments for you. Handle the cat only while wearing rubber gloves, do not snuggle kitty to your chin. Watch the Lysol, because it is toxic to kitties, your best bet is use bleach to kill the fungus on places the cat can't reach.
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ok deep breath it is ok. Although called ringworm it is not really a worm its a fungus, the vet will prescribe some ointment or powder to make up to wash kitty in. As for you and the family it is contagious so no school for your daughter unless the lesions are covered or gone. Be carefully not to scratch as you could make them infected.Your doctor or local chemist will prescribe or recommend some cream for you to put on and all will be well in a couple of weeks. My little Smokey was a RSPCA kitten and after two days with us lost all the hair on his head, took him to the vet and he was put under some sort of light and they showed up as ringworm.Two weeks all gone. Buy the way you dont have to have animals to get ringworm your daughter could get it from playing in the playground as it lives in sand (sandpit's) that kids play in our you from gardening. Debbie
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