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cat is pregnat

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let me give you all some history on this cat her name is Hedi.

I am guessing she is about 2 months pregnat. She went into heat for the first time the last week in Jan. She just about drove me to drinking for about two weeks. At first I was not going to let her tail outside because I didn't want her to get pregnat. but that only lasted a few days.

my concern is she might not understand what is going on with her, because she is not trying to find a place to have those kittens just yet. she is becoming very irriable and don't want me to touch her. but she is staying under my feet. when I move she moves and she is following me where ever i go. she is also doing alot of whinning.

I am not sure of her age, but she was very young when we found her in a garbage can. I will say she was between 3 and 4 months old when I found her.

any advise?


p.s. thanks in advance
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I don't know. My CJ is pregnant, too, and she is following me around constantly, too! But, she is nesting and what not.
If she's two months along, she's almost ready to have them! She'll probably start looking for a place any day now. I know one person who set up a few nesting boxes for her cat, and the cat had them in the middle of her room! Never know!

Good luck!
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