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CONSTANT complaining since spaying

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My 12 month female, Esme, used to be the most independent cat in the world, a very "I'll love on you if I want food" sort of animal. But ever since I had her spayed about 6 weeks ago, she has become the most clingy cat. You can't even walk into a room without her screaming to be picked up or jumping in your face if you sit down. And it's not just with me, she'll rub all over the roommates if I'm not home. Also, she'll walk around complaining in the really bratty meow, just "RAH RAH RAH" all day long. So I spend most of my time trying to figure out what she wants just so she'll shut up. She's physically healthy (not sure about mentally). She's never been outside, so I know she doesn't want out. Also, most of the time she's purring WHILE she's complaining. She purrs almost non-stop, but she yells almost non-stop as well. THe mornings are the absolute worst. She doean't want to sleep with me at night (we have another cat she sleeps with), but at about 7 am (I don't get up until about 9), she starts SCREAMING outside my door, so I stumble over to the door and let her in. 15 min later she wants out. 15min later she wants in. I spend every morning doing this because I can't sleep through the complaining. I just don't know what to do! I can deal with the clinginess, but the complaining 24 hours a day is about to send me to the madhouse! Thank you.
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Your problem reminded me of these similar threads. Perhaps the answer is in one of them.


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