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Harry Potter was the BEST!

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The movie was phenomenal! Wonderful story line, great special effects good messages for kids and adults. Saw a lot of mixture in the whole thing, part Wizard of Oz, part Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Star Wars, it was an absolutely wonderful film! After the previews of coming attractions ran, they had a poignant rendition of God Bless America showing the WTC and after-effects. The entire audience rose out of their seat to sing along with the song- it was a tear jerker. At the end of the movie, everyone clapped and cheered for it, and as we went out, we had microphones and cameras stuffed in our faces wondering what our reaction was. My reaction is that I loved the movie, and now I want to read all of her books!
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I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!
I really had no desire to see it, but after all the hype, I find myself curious!
Maybe I'll wait til it comes to DVD.
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I have to wait till sunday to go!!! I don't want to wait!!! Now I sound like a little kid whinning!
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We can't wait to take Kylee either, only problem is that you can't get tickets to it cuz they've been sold out for the weekend....

Gonna have to wait....

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I just can't wait any longer! I'm going to see the movie on sunday. I tried to get midnight sceenings on friday but I wasn't able to.
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I want to see this soooooooo bad. I haven't been to the theatre yet but I expect it to be sold out.

anyone want to make any guesses on how much $$$$$$ it's going to make?

I'm going to guess between 85-90 million this weekend.
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Did you know the author J. K. Rowling is a single mother school teacher who was having a very hard time before her books took off?
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I have heard her story. It is the ultimate 'rags to riches'. I think it's very cool.
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Saw Harry Potter tonight. I have to say that overall I was disappointed. I knew they couldn't manage to redo the entire book, but I think they left out enough crucial stuff. I think it would be difficult to follow the story of you hadn't read the book. It was neat seeing some of the scenes from the book brought to life, but overall, the story was just too chopped up. I went with a friend who hadn't read the book. He found parts to be confusing and kept asking questions. Some of my favorite aspects weren't developed well enough (like my favorite secondary characters, the Weasley twins). The book was about 10 times better. Plus, I had read that there would be a preview for the new Star Wars, and it wasn't there.

Oh well, just this reviewer's opinion.
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why am I not surprised to hear that the weasley twins are you favorite secondaries? :laughing:
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But there was a little boy about 7 years old (if I had to guess) and from the time the movie started till it was over, he was loudly explaining to his parents what was going to happen next and explaining the scene that was going on. Normally, I would be annoyed, but I thought it was cool how this kid was so in tune to the movie and he explained it concisely. Now I just have to read the books.
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I think once you have, you will hold the movie in a different light. Movie #1 doesn't come close to doing Book #1 justice.
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