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My Lucky Pierre

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Lucky Pierre is a beautiful red tabby feral cat that has lived by me for nearly 2 years. His mom brought him and 3 siblings up to my house an hour before a tornado passed over my house when they were about 4 weeks old. The best that I can guess, she had been raising them in the woods out back, sensed a storm coming and brought them to the house for safety. A tornado went directly through those woods and tore a path thru the middle of it (mature trees felled at the roots by the tornado).

Since we were in the middle of raising a set of young, orphaned kittens, and with the months worth of repairs we had to make around the house from the tornado, Lucky and his siblings didn't get the usual socialization that we give to young ferals. When we took them in for testing and speutering, all 3 of his siblings tested positive for FeLV. He was given the name Lucky the day he tested negative and we added the Pierre on the day we retested him as negative. He survived a tornado and withstood FeLV at an early age.

Lucky has become fairly friendly, to the point that he follows me around the yard as I walk the dogs, won't eat in the morning until I pet him, and even lets me pick him up once in a while. The bridge I haven't been able to cross with him is making him feel comfortable inside the house.

He shows increasing interest in coming in the house when we go in and out the door. My husband and I talked about it, and decided a few months back that if he wanted inside, we would let him inside. He has come in about a half dozen times - walks inside, the indoor cats surround him and very curiously sniff him, he walks around for a few minutes then runs back to the door. No hissing, no fighting, full acceptance by the indoor cats so no problems there. They've seen each other thru the window for 2 years, and play with each other thru the screens when the windows are open on warm days.

Tonight he wanted inside. I open the door, he strolls in and walks around the kitchen. Leaves the kitchen and wanders into the porch where the dogs are in their kennels eating their dinner. He walks into Spike's kennel and tries to take a few bites. Spike doesn't like it, growls, but lets him eat. To avoid a conflict, I pick up Lucky and carry him across the house to the bathroom where the food is up on the dryer (yes, washer/dryer is in my bathroom). Put him by the food, he takes a few nibbles, jumps down, runs to the door and wants back outside. Most of the cats simply ignore him except for Pinky who drapes his paw over his back and licks his head as he is sitting by the door waiting to go back outside.

I'm proud of the boy and wanted to share his story. At this point I just need some good vibes that he will continue to make progress with me. It was a big moment when I could pick him up and carry him across my house without any attempt to get away from me.

I'll get a picture and post it sometime. He is a gorgeous red tabby, probably about 12 pounds.
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That is an wonderful story! You are probably the only human in this world that he trusts and that is because you have taken the time with him. Even if he always has that need to be outside, that bond that you share with him is very special!
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Good luck with your Lucky Pierre!
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Thank you for sharing the story of Lucky Pierre! I feel he loves his independence and he already trusts you. Sending good vibes and wishing more good luck to you!
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This is a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing with us.
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I'm just about to sit down at the computer and I hear a strange meowling coming from outside. I flip on the front porch light and who is it but Lucky. I meowl back at him thru the screen and he comes running up to the door. Open door, he doesn't want in but me out. So I go outside and he rubs all over me until I squat down and pet him. Each time I pull away he meowls at me again.

I pick him up and put him on the feeding platform (it's pretty much full of food 24X7 these days) and he turns away from the bowl and rubs against me some more.

This was pretty cool - he simply wanted attention and scritches from me. I complied with my magic hands and a good conversation.

He may never become an indoor cat, but this sure brings a smile to my face. It's the small victories I tell you!

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what an amazing story -thankyou so much for sharing Lucky's story with us and I am glad to see that we will be able to continue sharing in his progress. I am subscribing to this thread for sure!!
Originally Posted by Momofmany
It's the small victories I tell you!
It sure is those small victories that make all the difference - the small steps they take
your a wonderful person, and Lucky senses this and I can just sense the amazing bond the 2 of you must have
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I am just curious about how things are going with Pierre?
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So once in a while I feel compelled to post an update about this boy. Today has been chilly and raining most of the day. I just opened the front door to check on the weather and Lucky ran up to me. I held the door open and he just popped inside for a visit.

Of course 4 cats ran up to him to give him the big sniff. Spanky (who is heir apparent for alpha cat as Stumpy ages) walks up to him and starts to groom him. Lucky starts to purr and licks him in turn. I give him big scritches to relax him while inside the house. He gives my hand a lick. Happy moment all around!

Eight-ball then blows the bonding moment by giving him a big butt sniff, hisses at him nastily and breaks up the fun. Lucky runs back to the door and asks to be let back outside.

At least I know that he isn't totally panicked in the house - perhaps I will coax him in over the winter on those really cold days. I have good shelters for him, but I still worry about him in the winter.
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sure does sound like a happy moment - brought a smile to my face

I do hope you can coax him inside for some of the winter. I think he knows he is safe there, just not ready to come in to often.
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Aw, how nice-except for the rude butt-sniff! Shame on you, Eight-Ball! Thanks for the update on Lucky Pierre!
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He sounds like a lovely kitty! I can't wait to see a picture!
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Too funny! Last week it got cold one night and when we opened up the door to call in Bob, Lucky ran into the house. He was in the house for hours - mostly exploring the downstairs and actually made it into the cat tent for a while.

Tonight we opened up the door again and he literally ran into the house. We were on the phone and forgot about him, and when Steve walked around a few hours later to see where he was, he was asleep on the bed in our guest room upstairs. I just saw him in the back porch and he ran back upstairs. Steve is betting that he will crawl in bed with us tonight. I'm betting he sleeps in the guest room.

I'm just laughing at all of this! His only fear seems to be of the TV set - he cringes at it each time he walks by and glances up. I wonder how long it will be before he asks to be let back outside.

Send positive vibes that he figures out the litter box quickly! He's found the food bowls and absolutely adores the water fountain.

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How cool! I love it when they make great strides that we never expect!
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simply amazing Amy!! As Heidi said - it really is amazing when they do things we least expect... these animals never cease to amaze me.

I am so happy that Lucky has ventured inside and I hope he does crawl under the covers tonight
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Sounds like Lucky Pierre had more socialization than
my Maj. Grey feral, but I do notice that cats make
leaps of advancement at odd times. Its on their
schedule, not ours, LOL!!

Thanks for sharing... now I won't be so impatient
to get my Maj. Grey to be indoors - I can see
the day coming, but its got to be at his pace!
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So??? Did Lucky stay in the house??? Enquiring minds want to know!
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oooohhhh yes - please tell!! did he climb into bed yet?
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Hehehehehehe.....sorry, forgot to give you an update! He didn't crawl in bed with us but he didn't want to go outside when we went to bed that night. We woke up to find him downstairs in the back porch - meowed at us and paced around for a bit. I opened the door to let him out and he ran deeper into the house. Since we were both leaving for work and I wasn't up to trusting him in the house all day, I finally had to pick him up and put him back outside.

The bad news is that he hasn't come back inside since - the experience of a full night in the house appears to have made him gun shy. But he's usually at the door when we go in and out with the dogs, so it's only a matter of time when he wanders back inside. We do have good conversations when I go out to feed him in the morning. He doesn't start to eat until I give him a few meows and give him a couple head to tail body strokes. He meowls back then settles in to eat.
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AW, he's got a job to do outside - keeping mice away!! It's wonderful that at least he feels like he belongs - you have done a wonderful job giving this lucky boy a chance for love, affection & shelter. And he is so gorgeous! I love orange cats!
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awwww sweet Lucky - I just love the updates. Looking forward to the next bit of 'progress' from your boy
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We moved to a new house in early April and life has changed for my boy. We used to live in a very rural area - 10 acres with farmland all around us and now we are more in the "x-burbs" - a "subdivision" with homes on 3-5 acre lots where I can actually see the neighbors when I go on my deck out back.

Lucky doesn't have as much to hunt here (the field mice are gone) and he has become obviously bored to some extent. I see him hunting flying insects and he does wander into the woods around the small creek that border our property. There are no feral cats in the neighborhood and he did spend time defending the old house. He has run off the tame neighbor cats that wander by from time to time here.

When we moved, I kept him inside for about a month inside our sun porch and I believe that he took a liking to life inside. He is starting to come inside daily, sometimes a couple of times a day. When he comes in at night, he often simply stays inside until the morning.

When he comes inside, he plays with toys, climbs the cat condos, scratches the scratch posts (not as many trees outside for him to scratch on) and takes naps all over the house. I knew that he was relaxed when I caught him sound asleep on his back in the middle of the living room. Stumpy, our alpha (a red tabby like Lucky) was asleep in the same position a few feet away. The other night he was dead asleep in a cat tree in the hallway.

The only thing that I haven't gotten him to do is play with me. He plays with the cat wands when they are laying on the floor but when I pick one up to play with him, he runs away. Once in a while I will be woken up by a cat conflict in the middle of the night and I just simply get up and let him back outside. Doesn't happen all that often and of that I am grateful.

This morning I went outside to walk the dogs and was standing on our deck. Lucky jumped up on the railing and was pacing back and forth in front of me. So when I reached out to stroke him, he just crouched down, let me pet him and was purring up a storm. That is a first for him. (He obviously learned the deck railing move from our indoor/outdoor cat Bob).

I'm very happy, as even though we have an even more sheltered area for him at this house, I'm confident that he will come inside in the winter. Life is good for my Lucky Pierre!!

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awww Amy, the updates on Lucky are so wonderful and I really enjoy reading them. I am so pleased to hear that the transition to the new house have gone almost completely smoothly. He sounds happy!
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