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Auto Shows

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We went to the Denver Auto Show this afternoon. It was so fun! Got to see all the new models, get tons of literature, and sit in most of the cars. Obviously we couldn't sit in the concept cars, or the REALLY nice ones like the Bentleys, Lamboghinis, Aston Martons, Jaguars... But man...they had cars there that cost more than I make in 10 years! Gorgeous...

I was really surprised, though, at the gas mileage that the majority of cars have. The main mid-size models were mostly posted at 19 city, 23 highway. Shouldn't they do better than that?

It was cool being able to really look at all the cars without pushy salesmen around. As well as seeing the dream cars in person.

Anyone else been to an Auto Show? Earl said that the Denver show was about 1/4 of the size of the Chicago one.
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Heidi, the auto shows are huge draws up here too - big driving spaces/country and lots of rainy days for inside viewing! Eric loves them and he plans to go to an auction next weekend!
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I love going to auto shows. I find it interesting that you note the gas mileage on the majority of cars. I don't feel so bad since my Explorer averages 20 mpg. That's a lot better than the Hummer my 16 year-old daughter dreams about owning.
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Nope unfortunately Heidy As you know I´m fan of Formula 1 and I love to participate in an Auto Show, my favourite car is the JAGUAR, Love his performance and style!!!
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I like two-wheeled auto shows. I usually try to stay away from motorcycle shows because I'm tempted to spend... and I REALLY can't afford to!
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