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Help - seeking a DANISH!!

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This hasn't to do with cats but maybe somebody could be of help the same...
I work as a translator, and I need to find a Danish-mothertongue person to help me out with the final revision of a document I'm working on... the translation into Danish will be ready in 10 days or so, by then I wish to find somebody who could do a final reading and correction. Of course I will pay for this person's time, and maybe have more similar jobs in the future if she/he is interested in this kind of things.
So if you are Danish or know somebody who could help me out... please e-mail me !!

Thank you guys!!

P.S.: Here's my business site: Sinophilia
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sorry only German.....
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Sorry, only German here too!! Good luck though.
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Sorry, I can't help you either, but when I read the title of this thread, I thought....mmmmmmmmmmm, a danish sounds quite delicious to me right now, too! :laughing:
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Debby, thats EXACTLY what I thought too!! I was thinking, oh maybe a good recipe for Danish or maybe a place to order them from! Bummer, now I am hungry!!:laughing:
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Me too! My tummy is just growling for a danish!!! :laughing:
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If you go to Google and ask for the translation sites from English to Danish, you can usually find help there. Other than that, I don't know what to offer you.
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Thank you guys... I will try in Danish sites.
Anyway, what kind of food a danish is?
I just know Danish butter cookies.

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Diana, a danish is like a pastry. In Italian it would be a fiadone ( I am not sure how to spell it but we eat it at easter ), or any other sweet breakfast food.........they are delicious! And lots of calories too!!
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Sory, me have nough trubel with inglish as it is.

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I thought you meant a pastry! :laughing: I think I need to get something to eat!
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