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Feliway Plugins vs. Glade Plugins

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Can both be plugged in at the same time? I was just thinking about it because we are about to introduce 3 new cats into a house that already has 4. We are doing on at a time over the span of a few weeks. But we got a bunch of Feliway plugins to get ready for the moves. Plus my boyfriend is moving in with the 3 cats (they are his) so moving in his stuff and all that commotion, I hope the Feliway helps for the all stress we are about to cause.

Anyways, how far in advance before the first cat moves in, should I plug in the Feliway? Also, should I unplug the Glade Plugins? Or do they work ok together?
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I've actually dealt with this. I think they can be plugged in at the same time, as long as they're not in the same outlet. Whenever I had them in the same outlet, the Feliway would barely be used up. Other than that, I think you're fine.

As for how far in advance... how much advance time do you have?

And lastly.. wow that'll be a lot of cats between the two of you! Good luck!
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If you need to have the cats in the car for a long amount of time there also a Feliway air mist that you can get. Good luck with all those cats!!!
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That is a total of 7 cats, not 10, I worded that post kind of weird. My boyfriend is moving in with his 3 cats is what I meant. They all have been here at one point but not all at the same time.

My cats don't care about new cats because at the rate I find cats and take them into the shelter, they are used to strange cats being here for a day and then leaving. But since it is they are staying, I want to do it one at a time. One of his cats could care less where she is, what is going on, or what is done to her. She is sooo relaxed and non-caring about what is going on around her. I am really only worried about 2 of his, one is a little wary of now situations and the other is just a big baby. But she is the one to pee around the house when stress out.

I have from now until the end of May or June until my boyfriend moves out of his current house. It all depends on if the new people want to move in early. So I have a lot of time
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You might want to read the label on those plug-in thingies before you use them. There are those who would suggest that there are way too many chemicals in the air already, and to use something intentionally to add more is possibly not the thing to do. If you are worried about odor, just be as clean as you can, without being "eaten up" with it. Masking unwanted odors is not the answer.

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Sorry to take so long to reply to this. There are no odors I am trying to hide. I just like the nice fresh clean smell of the Glade Plugins. The Feliway Plugin is for the introduction of the new cats to try to keep them peaceful. I just want to know if I should unplug the Glades. People can't smell Feliway I don't believe, just the cats. I just wondered if the Glade will block the smell of the Feliway Plugin (for the cats)?
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