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Kiwi seems woosy

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She seems very tired and very flustered, and I am a tad concerned.
She sleeps alot, then nurses, sleeps alot, then nurses....I don't know if its normal. She also seems a little woosy, almost unbalanced(dizzy) when she wakes up, then she's fine again.
Her babies are 3 1/2 weeks old, and they still don't use the litter, and still are not interested in the slightest about any food or water, they are getting quite big now, and I fear that they are draining her to death.
Mom is eating, and she is on Hill's P/D wet and dry food, and I feed her as much as she wants.
Any Ideas, advice, encouragement?
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I don't know much about preg cats and kittens but I don't want you to feel like your posts are unread. Maybe a call to the vet to see what you can do? Good luck Matt. Keep little Kiwi and her babes healthy.
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Nursing babies is draining on mom, depending on how many are in the litter. If you want to take the pressure off, make up some kitten glop and see if the babies will eat that. Feed mom dry kitten food and good quality canned food.
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ok...i hope that's all it is...it was the dizzy part that scared me
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That part I don't know Matt. I put out an alert to people that might know. I deal more with orphaned kittens than with momcats in the picture.
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Matt, I'll be honest with you, in 10 years of breeding, I don't remember ever seeing what you've described. I'm with you that the "dizziness" concerns me, but like MA said, if the kittens will take the kitten glop, it will give momcat a bit of a break. They're almost but not quite old enough to start being interested in "real" cat food, still gonna be a couple of weeks before they eat much of it probably. Maybe gaye or Sandie or Pat will come by with a solid answer for you, but if she were mine, I'd have her at the vet first thing in the morning to get her checked out. Keep us updated, ok?
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Yes, I will keep everyone updated
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