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Cat Poops on the BED :(

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Disgusting. I have two males we found about 1 1/2 ago as kittens that we have been caring for and been keeping primarily outdoors and in the outside cellar. I've had them neutered and vetted. I'm going to be bringing two others to rescue tomorrow and want to try to keep these guys indoors permanently. One male (Snuggles) is fine. The other (Cupcake) constantly poops on my daughters bed. I know it's him because I've had just him inside and it's happened. He's the sweetest cat and I want to break him of this. Is there anything I can do (besides closing the bedroom door)? Any good deterrent sprays that won't stink up her bed? He doesn't go anywhere else in the house, it just baffles me. I've tried cleaning with vinegar, lysol, you name it. Any suggestions?
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First off when a cat poops on soft things it is generally health related or stress induced. Lysol will not cut it (besides being toxic to cats) and vinegar will just encourage him to keep pooping there

Have you seen this link?


Also to help get the odor and stain out
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I had no idea Lysol was dangerous....thank you for that!!! I knew ammonia attracted cats to pee, but I didn't know vinegar did too. I've always used it to cover accidents when training dogs. Learn something new everyday! Thanks for the links!
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It might be inconvienent for a while, but try putting tin foil or an upside down plastic carpet runner (with the pointy parts facing up) on your daughters bed. They hate walking on those textures. We went through these when Max was eliminating in the hallway.

Good Luck
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