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Baby Teef

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Some of you probably already know why I'm asking this, but I'll leave that discussion on the other forum...

I'm trying to determine Mika's age by his current dental status. I have a good idea but I want to blindly throw this out to collect everyone's opinion.

His last baby canine just fell out and he's brandishing his adult ones in full glory. The premolars are almost in, just a little bit more to grow and he should be done. I'm thinking this should be a pretty good indicator since I have 2 possible ages to pick from, and they're 3 months apart.

Your thoughts?
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Generally speaking, they loose their baby canines about 3-4 months and get their permanent ones at 4-5 months.
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Here's my problem...

I've got a breeder & a health certificate that says 4-5 months, and a registration that says 7. His canines grew in while the baby ones were still there (had a double set for a while), and the last baby one that was there last night is gone today.

Which would you go with? I'm trying to determine if she lied about his age or sent the wrong registration... if she'd just fess up I wouldn't have to ask!

Thanks again!
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My bet is on the registration being wrong.
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I agree, it sounds like the registration may be wrong. They physical signs show he is closer to what his birthdate is. I would just contact the breeder and ask why the registration paper has a different age/birthday.
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