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Hissy (about Secret Santa)

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Are we still doing the Secret Santa ? I was wondering with the post office being strict and with the antrax problem? Thanks!
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If for some reason you want to drop out, you need to let me know immediately so I can pick up your person.
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Speaking of the Secret Santa, I thought I might add, if someone wants to get anyone a T-shirt, it might be good to know the sizes they would prefer....I like the XL, cause I like them big and roomy, and they do shrink a bit.
What about the rest of you? I am really excited about this! And if anyone has anything to add that they might like, that they didn't include in their details, this would be a good place to do it!
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PS... I added that this was about the secret santa to the title of this thread, so people would know, and not just think it was a personal message to Hissy, so more people would read it.
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Only one person has dropped out and I have picked up their person. So everybody, happy shopping and if you can't remember what your person has requested, give me a holler and I will clue you in, as I still have the master list.
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Do you know if the post office in the US plan to work as usualy this Xmas. I think I'll mail my package this week, just to make sure it doesn't get stuck in the some Xmas anthrax scare...
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What I am going to be doing is that when I take the package to the post office, I will not close it until the worker sees that is nothing bad. So he won't make me open it again.

Yes, Hissy, I am still on.
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