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Stray Kitty FIV Positive Needs Home

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A poor little stray kitty has been coming to my back door every day for the last two weeks.
For the last couple days I've gotten up early to wait for him, so I could go outside and pet him and talk to him. I couldn't bring him in since I have other kitties and didn't want them to fight.

He is front declawed (my kitties are not!) and just the saddest looking little fella ever. Of course I had to feed him.

Yesterday it was pouring rain and there he was, soaking wet and waiting for his food. I decided right then to bring him in my garage. Next week it is supposed to be freezing here and he would not survive much longer.

To make a very long story short, I got a carrier and a ride to the animal hospital (don't have my car back yet, thank you Oldsmobile!!!) and got him examined and ready for adoption.

Then I found out today he is FIV positive - the kitty version of AIDS. The vets think he was bitten by another infected kitty while in the wild. They told me unless I can find a home where someone takes in sick kitties like this, he must be euthanized. FIV is contagious to other cats so he cannot be released again.

I am just really sad. Here is his picture. I took it in case anyone had reported him missing. Does anyone know of a home? I live in Chicago area.

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There are some shelters that take in kitties with FIV, FeLuk, etc. and let them live out their days. A shelter I've seen on the web that takes in disabled animals is called Best Friends. They might take chronically ill animals too. www.bestfriends.org

They might know of an organization or individual in your area who could help.

I'm so glad that beautiful kitty has a caring person like you on his side.
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Barb - what a little sweetie he is!
Poo to the persons who declawed him and then turned him loose! GGRRRRRR!!!!!!
I hope and pray that he can find a home soon - can he reside in your garage and be a 'barn kitty'?
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