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New Cat

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I just adopted 2 cats, 1 i adopted 2 weeks ago, Perriwinkle age 4, he is a Persian. He is doing great, becomming more social, eating well playing much more,and becomming more comefortable in his new home.
The 2nd one Foxglove, a 3 year old Himilayan, i adopted 2 days ago. She is extremely shy. She was in a lg crate with her litter box,food,water and blankets. I have this crate in my living rm. She was very neglected. She had to be shaved, and is very under weight. I was able to pick her up briefly, but she tries to get away. I have let her out of the crate to explore, but now whe will not let me near her. She does like Perriwinklwe who was living in the same house with her. She adores my dog. The minute she hears his collar she goes immediatley to him and rubs against him and purrs so loud. She will even allow me to pet her when she is near him. Once he goes away from her she hides. She was not socialized very much in her previous home. I don't know if I should keep her in the crate, or just let her be. I want to socialize her, but am not sure what the best way is. She is now laying on the floor about 3 feet from me, but if I try to touch her she runs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Good for you for giving these two cats an obviously much needed loving home. Foxglove has only been with you 2 days and from the sounds of it had a rough prior life. She is just going to need a lot of time. The fact that she socializes with your dog and with Perriwinkle is wonderful and will be a big help in helping her make the adjustment.

Right now, what I would do is to leave her crate out and set up the way she likes it so she knows she has somewhere safe where she can go, but leave the door open so she can come and go at will. Are you able to keep the crate in an area that is quiet but not isolated? It would be good if it could be in one of the main areas of the house where you spend a fair bit of time so she can get used to the noises of you in the area but still feel safe and protected. As you come and go and are around her crate talk to her and just look in at her, not trying to touch her or make her feel threatened. Just interact with the other cat and your dog and talk to her the same way without making a big deal out of it and she will eventually begin to feel more comfortable in her new surroundings and not be so wary of you or of contact. As much as you would like her to socialize quickly, you will have to do it on her terms. The fact that she is lying on the floor 3 feet from you and not running unless you approach her is a very good thing. Read to her, talk to her, just be in the area with her without trying to force anything, and I suspect she will eventually make the first moves towards you. When she does you can let her sniff your hand and you may be able to give her treats. She will associate you with good things eventually and be a lot more social. Two days isn't long at all.

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Hi Kathryn,
Thank-you for your response. I did leave the crate in my living rm, with the door open so she could come and go. She never went back in it. Her food was untouched, and the litter box was not used, however in my daughters rm where we have a 2nd litter box and feeding station, I had put more food there, and it was all gone, and the litter box was very used. I clean the box 2x a day, and have seen that it is now being more used. I also make available 2 bowls dry food and fresh can food 2x a day. I groom Perriwinkle every evening, and give treats, and play with him as much as he wants.
I decided to move her crate out and put the litter box in the bathroom, she did explore it already. I watched from a distance. I did this this am as again her food in the crate was untouched and the box unused.I will not try to approach her and do as you have suggested. Thank-you
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Hi Marlean,

Actually, that sounds like good news. She knows the crate is there but obviously she is finding other places in the house that suit her more. The fact that she is using a litter box and eating and drinking is positive. I suspect it won't be too long before she feels a lot more comfortable and will relax into your household quite well. Good luck.

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