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Liquid Vitamins

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I'm looking to find a liquid vitamin supplement for my cat. I found one searching the net but the first ingredient is vegetable oil. I'd like to find a water soluble liquid vitamin supplement that I can mix in the juice from canned chicken (that's the only way I would be able to get him to take it). Does anyone know where to find a water soluble liquid vitamin supplement?
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Im curious about this as well. Can you get supplements from your vet?
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Are there particular vitamins that your cat isn't getting enough of? One reason it may be hard to find one that doesn't have oil in it is because some vitamins are fat-soluble and the oil would be needed for the cat to absorb them. I gave my cat Pet-Tinic for a while to boost his immune system (under my vet's advice). It has meat flavoring but the first ingredients are corn syrup and water. Pfizer has more information at www.pfizerah.com. This site has good information about vitamins (such as which ones are fat-soluble), even though it includes commercial links: http://www.petcaretips.net/pet_vitamin_supplements.html. If none of that works for you, you could get solid vitamin tablets and a pill crusher, and mix the resulting powder into the canned chicken juice. Again, I woudl check with your vet if you haven't already before you start supplementing your cat's diet.
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Thanks for the info. My cat found me in January. He was standing in the freezing rain with fleas and an infected eye. Although he is much healthier now he doesn't seem to have much energy. That's why I think vitamins might help. The vet gave me a sample of vitamin pills, but when I crushed them up and mixed them in his chicken juice, he wouldn't touch it.
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Have you tried mixing it with the juice from a can of tuna in water or chicken baby food? That's how Sierra takes her supplements.
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You might need to feed them to him by oral syringe or hide them in actual chunks of chicken.
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