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bad kitty food..

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My Bella is on a strict diet for her IBD and eats Hills w/d wet and dry. I feed her a 1/3 of can of wet and 1/4 cup dry morning and night. So the last couple of days, I noticed she was slllooooowwwwlly eating the wet (usually her favorite and gone in 1/2 hour) and it took her alllll day to eat it.. and she devoured the dry. Even a couple times she would walk to the wet bowl and just look at it like 'sigh.. ok.. lets try again'. I thought she was just sick of the wet or just not feeling well..
Well ! when I finished that particular can, and opened a new one this AM, she ate it with flourish and finished in about 45 min and no stopping and looking at the bowl. Do you think it was bad or gross? It didnt look bad to me, and its a fairly new can.. but I wonder!!
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Sierra has done this with cans of her Innova, but then again, she's a bit picky at times. That's an interesting point you make. You could always copy down the number on the bottom of the can and contact the company about it just in case. Another thought, I wonder, do you leave her wet food down all day until she finishes it? Wet food really shouldn't be left out more than 30 minutes, 45, tops.
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I do leave it out until she finishes, but normally it only takes her about 45 min. So in the future if this happens, would you just toss the wet after like an hour and then give her more dry? I feed her before work so I only have so much time to monitor.. ;-)
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I have to say that my Baylee has done that before... once I opened up a can of wet food (her fave flavor of her fave brand)... and she nibbled at it and then walked away. When I chucked that and opened up a new can, she cleaned her plate. Why? I just assumed that she knew better than me that there was something wrong with it.
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recipe for that particular can could have ben off that day when it was made...some stale horse meat or something. cats can smell the diff while it looks the same to us
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Good to hear Bella usually enjoys her entire meal by then! Yes, I agree that you would be best to just toss it out after that amount of time and just start over with fresh food for her next meal!
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ewwww.. stale horse meat! but it did look a little greasier than normal, so was probably just a bad recipe. poor girl. she had that can for 3 meals and kept looking at me like 'THAT stuff again!?' bad mommy. I will know better for next time.
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