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warm milk necessary?

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Yesterday, my mom found a kitty. Actually, she wasn't supposed to take him home. The first time she saw him, she immediately felt pity on the kitty because it was wailing on the top of its lungs, but wasn't ready to help him (we have 10 cats at home and she said no more!). But then, she passed by the kitty again, and this time around, she helped him. She immediately called someone for help (this was in the market) and they put the kitty in a cardboard box and sent him home.

When I got home, saw the kitty was unbelievably small. It fit in the palm of my hands. He is an adorably cute 1-week old gray tabby kitty. He's now sleeping in a crate at the balcony (need to separate him from my other cats and my dad!!), with a heating pad and a small sock. We feed him every 4 hours with milk replacer, and he just pooped - no diarrhea and it was a relief.

My question is: is it necessary to warm milk for the kitten? Or is it okay if it's room temp?

This is my 2nd time to handraise a terribly young kitty! I just want to make sure everything's going to be right.

This is our (Mom & I) newest baby! And I'm so happy that she's very enthusiastic about helping unfortunate kittens.

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It sounds like you are doing things correctly. The most important thing is that it stays very warm at all times. If it is too warm for you then it is good for the kitten. Oh and your question about the milk, I think warming it would be good like you would for a human baby. Just make sure it isn't too hot. As long as it isn't cold, it should be good. What kind of milk replacer are you using? What is the brand?
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I'm so happy that your mother took the cat...
Here is a website that there is a link to in the Feral Cats forum - it has all the information you need to know!
Let us know how the kitty is....
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Bless you and your mother for taking in this poor baby even though you are filled! I hope that all goes well, and kitty makes it through!

God bless!!!

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Steph, the link that lotsofcats gave you is the best, IMO, it has lots of info and ideas for teenytinies! good luck!
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Hi thanks for the help! Yup, visited kitten-rescue.com before posting my question. The kitty is so far doing well! I hope he grows up to be a beautiful kitty!
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