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missing link

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I lost my friend of ten years yesterday. Last week I noticed that he just looked worn out and a few days ago he stopped eating. He started having trouble breathing and we took him to the vet. They couldn't fgiure out what was wrong with him and he just didn't get any better. My husband and I visited him the night before he went and he looked so weak and tired - not at all the beautiful, talkative fellow he had been. The vet called us in the morning to tell us he had gone in the night. I miss him so much - I can't go anywhere in the house without thinking of him. He really was a good spirit in our lives - our fur-baby. I keep thinking of how he would start talking and walking on the bed after the alarm would go off in the morning. Who is going to make sure I get up now?
We love you, Link.
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Farnes, Im so sorry for your loss. It is SO hard when we lose a beloved friend....he sounds like a wonderful little guy and he is in a better place now.....Rainbow Bridge. I know what its like to miss having them around the house and my thoughts and prayers are with you.....I hope it will start to get better for you soon. I know its hard for you but at least he went peacefully in his sleep knowing you did all you could for him.

Lots of love and hugs to you....

Ps, Introduce yourself in the lounge - everyone would love to meet you and learn more about your baby!
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Sad news, indeed. We haven't had this experience yet, and don't relish the thoughts. Please know that you will find healing here.

Link certainly was aware of your mutual love. He's well and whole again and keeping an eye on you.

Prayers for you and Link are offered. Sorrow is temporary, memories last forever.

Peace to you,


P.S. Better days will come.
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Link sounds like he was a special boy - please know that we are thinking of you in your time of loss.
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Farnes; My heart breaks for everyone who looses a fur baby.
After 35+ yrs. of loving and being loved by cats of all description and personality; it never gets any easier to try to console a fellow TCS family member after a loss. My love and prayers go out to you and your husband. When you are ready; this is a lovely place to share a "favorite memory" of Link. We would all like to know more about him and what he meant to you. We are so very glad you have joined our TCS family.

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Thanks to everyone for the nice replies. It helps to talk to people who know how much they mean. Link was indeed a special fellow in so many ways. I am getting his ashes back and will out them in the garden which is one of his favorite places. He loved to hide in the plants while I would work there. and he especially loved to roll in the dirt and make a mess of himself...
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My heart is breaking for you over the loose of your 10 year old cat.
p.s I have a big orange cat her name is angel I have had her for 3 year,s now and love a lot.
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It is always hard when we lose a cherished pet and friend, they become such an important part of our lives. You gave Link ten years of happiness, think about the many wonderful memories you have, and keep him alive in your heart.
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