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Attack of the Birds: 5 injured

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This seem to remind me of the Hitchcock movie "The Birds." Hundreds of Seagulls slammed into horses injuring 5 jockey as they were thrown from the horses.
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I saw that on TV yesterday - very eerie, and reminiscent of Hitchcock's film. This time of year we usually have trouble with ravens attacking people. They are very protective of their nests, and will often get aggressive with anybody anywhere near them. Couple that with their size, and you know why people fear them.
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I saw that on the news!! Unbelieveable. There were TONS of birds after the horses! I was shocked that birds (that many anyway) would go after people.

Side note: My dad used to have geese. They used to chase me, bite me, peck me and putll my hair!!! I voted for KFC But as a joke lol.
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I do have a funny bird related story.

I guess a few years ago, people would leave the West Virginia Capital Building in Charleston, WV to feed the squirrels. The Capital grounds are filled with squirrels. There was a Red Tailed Hawk that would swoop down and grab a squirrel for lunch. People were split some people loved the hawk, others hated the hawk. Governor Wise's senior staff debated the Hawk issue. Gov. Wise wanted to get rid of the hawk because it was causing harm to the squirrels. One day the hawk was found in an empty fountian stunned, and taken away from the city and released. Well It came back and Mr. Garrison, my professor and formor Cheif of Staff for Gov. Wise got a pictire of the hawk in a tree covered in blood with a squirrel in his talons. He had this picture blown up with the phrase "caution to all ye who enter here". (if you were called into the Cheif's office, you were in trouble)
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Birds can be bad! I remember visiting relatives as a teenager, and being "trapped" inside their house by an extremely freaked-out turkey, that checked out all the doors. We went to crazy King Ludwig's "fairytale castle" (Neuschwanstein) with our boxer, and he was attacked by swans. We had to carry him after the attack, and he freaked out whenever he saw swans or geese after that incident.
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Birds are scary, even the little ones. We used to have robins in the tree in the back yard and during nestly season with their young, they would dive bomb you if you walked out into the back yard. Evil little things. Our cat Tom took down many of them though cause they'd dip too low and bang were kitty toys.
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Fifteen years ago, my ex and I took Mark to the county fair and Numbnuts was warning Mark to be careful of the geese, as they are known to bite. A bit farther on, as we were looking at a huge tom turkey, my ex stuck his finger into the cage and got a nasty bite. This cracked Mark and me up - the idiot had warned Mark about geese and then got himself bitten by a turkey!

This was a couple of months before Thanksgiving - I think that the turkey knew what was on Numbnuts' mind and decided to get a bite of HIM first!
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When I was little, I had 2 geeselings (sp?) that grew up mean. My mom cooked them for dinner and I cried while eating them. Then when I visited Monterey Bay years ago, I got chased by seagulls but then realized they were after my sandwich. I shared it with them and then they left me alone. No big deal. I like birds.
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Yep, really afraid. I have 11 birds keeping my husband and myself hostage in the house. They make us feed and care for them. They also make us keep the 4 cats for their entertainment.
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