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Introducing Dexter & Sadie

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Hi Cat Lovers,
Here are my sweet furbabies...Dexter & Sadie. They are brother & sister. Their 5th birthday will be July 17th. It would be impossible to love them more. They are my reason to get up in the morning. I feel truly blessed.

This is Dexter. He is a big boy who weighs 15lbs. He is a sweet, loving furboy, who enjoys a long treading session every evening...on my tummy. He is always next to me when I am home...including, as you can see from his picture, his place on the pillows on our bed. I adore him.

This picture is of Sadie on the top of her cat tree. She weighs 9 1/2 lbs. She is my little girlie girl. She had a pink nose like her brother and a gray mask on her sweet face. She has amazing "Betty Davis" green eyes. When she looks at is like she can see my soul. Even though she is much smaller than her brother...sometimes she chases him all over the house. I adore her too.

I cannot believe that my sweet furpies were once this tiny.

Have a wonderful day...
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would make my morning too, beautiful furrys!
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Doubly adorable pics!
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They are both adorable, love the pics!
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Awwww, they're such cuties!!
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sooo cute!
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Lovely cats
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Adorable kitties! Great pictures!
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What sweet babies! Dexter is one handsome boy and Sadie is a cutie....what beautiful green eyes!!!!
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Oh, Lei, these were well worth the wait! Dexter is so gorgeous posing on his pillows, and Sadie is just glamorous snuggled on her cat tree! Oh, they're just so precious when they were babies! Your babies are magnigicient, and your love for them just shines through!
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I can see why you love them so.

They are just beautiful. Dexter is very handsome, and his little sister is such a diva! What gourgous babies!
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Wow. What beautiful babies.

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They were beautiful as babies....5 years later, it's easy to see why they're the apples of your eye They're lucky to have a meowmy who loves them SO much and you are lucky to have 2 sweet bundles of fur like them! Kitties make the world go 'round!
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Dexter and Sadie are soooo beautiful! They look very sweet and cuddly!
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I owe you sweet caring members an apology.
I used PhotoBucket to add pictures to this post. I did not understand the meaning of "linked to PhotoBucket." I deleted some pictures from PhotoBucket that I had added to this post and they vanished from this thread. A Big Woops!
I was stunned when all that was left were little red x's. Stephanie, mother of sweet Sierra, is a great Mentor. She explained to me, how PhotoBucket works and what "linked to" means.
I thank all of you for your posts & want you to know that soon, on a new thread, I will once again, share photos of my sweet furbabies.
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