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I've created a monster!

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since we moved and now ave that screened porch.. we've let the cats out when it's been nice out.

Gibby now begs at the door.
not like.. sweet sitting in front of the door, but I mean meowing, pawing, the whole bit.

we let him out for 5 minutes withthe girls today.. and then took them all in when we had to go to work..

And now he makes a dash for the front door..

goodness... I can't win for losing.
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Ooo. Uh oh. Now you're going to have to be super careful every time you open the doors!!! I'm glad Meish is afraid of the outside.
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I know how you feel. Eponine used to be terrified of going through doors until I moved in Feb. to an apt. that has a screened porch. Now she sits at the door all evening and gives me those "looks" until I left her out on the porch for 5-10 minutes. Of course, Cosette, who wants to do whatever Eponine does, whines about going out, too, but she's still too small.
Anyway, I feel your pain!
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Your going to have to stay one step ahead of Gibby, the little stinker
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I know how you feel when I got Bakker I told my husband he will not be a indoor/outdoor cat. But of course he has let him outside briefly and he wants to go outside know too.
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Oh, don't get me started! I've always had indoor cats with no problem! Since we got Bijou my husband insists on letting him go outside so now he always wants to go outside. I told my husband that if he lets Bijou out then he must also stay outside with him so that he is safe. So far, so good. I've owned cats all my life and my husband hasn't but all of a sudden he knows what is best for the cats! Yeah, right!
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i have a leash for teufel but as soon as he gets outside he is sooo scared his legs tremble its soo funny!
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I have one of those little devils too. I teather trained Beamer so he could go out when I am at the cottage and now as soon as that door opens he tries to shoot out. I always have to peek if I am planning on opening the door and warn everyone else that goes to do the same.
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Lily is just not allowed out - although we have 3 other indoor/outdoor cats. Well, she has never been allowed out - but has always dashed for the door. We have to be one step ahead of her and if we're going somewhere that we can't take her to, daughter and I have to escape out of the door quickly. Then hubby has to throw one of her toys up the stairs and make a dash for it when she chases the toy.

Yesterday, she'd been eyeing the chickens up all day. When hubby went outside to lock them up for the evening, she shot out the door and rounded them up for him! She's so fast it's scary - so we spent the next ten minutes trying to round her up instead.
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My boyfriend's Siamese is a monster when it comes to going outside. Every time my boyfriend takes him out on the harness, he gets worse. He screams at the door until we want to lock him in a soundproof room. Sometimes my boyfriend gives in and lets him out on the harness again, which reaffirms the behavior. If we ignore him, he eventually gets less pesty (though still plenty pesty for sure!). I would say that when Gibby is being a brat, ignore him and don't let him out. Only allow him to go outside if he is being quiet and polite.

As for the front door, most cats hate loud noises. You could try keeping a can with coins or rocks by the front door and rattling it as you come through. That might get him to back off a bit.

Good luck!
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