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Cat popping when he walks

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My oldest cats (6yrs) joints sem to be popping a lot when he walks lately. He does not act different are limp, or act like he is in pain. His activity level has not decreased and he plays just as much with the other cat. Any suggestions?
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James, my persian tom, had a very clicky back paw that was noisy at times, and he had that from when he was about two years old. I took him to the vet several times about it, but it wasn't tender or stiff or appear to be arthritic which is what worried me, and the vet always said that unless he was limping or it was stiff/tender, not to worry. I used to feed him a few drops of cod liver oil once or twice a week, which he loved, and he got to ten without it getting to be a problem. It's probably worth getting a vet to have a look and make absolutely sure.
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You didn't say which joints, but if it's the rear legs patellar luxation could be an explanation.
Cats usually don't show pain unless it's unbearable. I would think about a general exam with the vet. Between the ages of 6 and 7 most vets like to do a "geriatric" check up. Doing bloodwork, and a physical is a good idea.
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Sounds like the CV Joints to me.
Have you taken him in for his 60,000 mile maintenance yet?
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I am scheduling for the vet to come to the house next week. Unfortunately we can not take him in the car b/c he gets stressed out WAY to much and it is very bad for him. Our current vet gave us the name of the "house visit" vet for him and said it was better for him b/c of the stress. (Good thing it is not that much more expensive, not that I wouldnt pay it for my baby)

I think that it might be his two front legs, but I am not 100% sure. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on things I could do to help him.

What does the cod liver oil do? Is it joint lubricant or something? And no we have not had is 60,000 mile check up yet! I will get that done too. He has just turned 6 in Jan.
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I am glad you scheduled a check up, I always say better safe than sorry. One of the biggest downfalls to owning cats is that when there is something wrong, they don't show any signs until it may be to late to help them.
If the vet thinks it may be joint related, there is a product you can buy called cosequin for cats. It's a glucosamine suppliment which helps the joints. It's something you need to give every day, but it does work.
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