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Food Journal - Everybody Invited!

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I want to make a food journal but you see, i have so many papers on my desk that i always forget to write it down.
Since TCS is great i want everyone to write down what they have eaten today!
This is also contributed to the weight loss support thread

Yesterday i did really well i had: 31.03.05

Breakfast: 2 pm: Apple and a crossaint with ham and cheese a cup of tea
snack: 9pm: 3 small dove chocolates that are in the celebrations box (it was bf's mum bday yesterday)
Dinner: 10:30 pm a pizza with a glass of cola beer and then a glass of wine.

Was in bed by 2 am and dozed untill 2 pm!

its now 3 pm! and im going to have strawberries!
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Can i start mine from today?.

Breakfast: 2 Slices of toast with weight watchers marmalade with a coffee.

10.a.m. 2 Weght Watchers biscuits with a coffee

Lunch: Ham salad sandwich, crisps, and fruit with a coffee

Tea(Dinner) Chicken curry with rice and a yoghurt.

Coffee later on about 9.p.m with another biscuit
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yes you can start from today
i only started from yesterday because i havent eaten yet today
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Ok, for me, I'll start with yesterday

Breakfast: bowl of cereal and 1% milk
glass of OJ

Mid Morning: a cheese stick

Lunch: bowl of chicken soup with 6 fat free crackers
an orange

Supper: A few french fries, a half a sandwich, and a cup of broccoli soup
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Breakfast: Toast with lots of butter, jam and bacon and 2 coffees

Lunch: Orange, cheddar cheese and jello

Snack (about 3 pm): 8 Ritz crackers

Dinner: Pork Tenderloin in Calvados cream sauce, potatoes and corn, 2 shortbread cookies, 4 Peak Frean cookies and 2 more coffees
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I definately need something likes this cause I've gotten really lazy recently. My kitchen is a mess so I don't like cooking in it. But it's going to be cleaned this weekend.

Yesterday's breakfast
2 Chocolate Donuts and a some Diet Coke

Lunch - Chicken Salad Sub Sandwich, Bag of Chips and Remained of Diet coke

Snack - Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Dinner - Some Potato Chips and Bean Dip.

Yes I do need to start eating better, I'm getting entirely to fat I'm sure you can see why with the menu above. But that's what I get for eating out all the time huh?
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I will start with yesterday: 3-31

I had no breakfast.

lunch (around 12:30pm): I had a chicken caesar pasta salad, with lite italian dressing, and 2 breadsticks, with a pepsi

dinner (around 9:30pm): I had 2 slices of pizza

today 4-1:

breakfast: fruit on the bottom yogurt with strawberries.

Thats it for today so far....
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I'm not trying to lose weight but I think it's a good idea to have a grasp on what you're eating anyway! So, I'll start with yesterday:

Breakfast (930am): tea and apple jacks cereal in 1% organic milk
Lunch (2pm): 2 packets of apple crisp oatmeal, cranberry juice, 2 dill pickles
Snack (5pm): green apple, cranberry juice
Dinner (8pm): leftover twice baked lasagna, apple juice, and a slice of bread

So far today...

Breakfast (930am): tea and apple jacks cereal in 1% organic milk

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