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The gall...

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My poor little girl has a nasty bite on her back from a big mean cat that hangs out sometimes in our back yard and scares my little babies.

I went to give Sashka a stroke last night and she cried out and bit me, and on careful investigation I noticed an icky bite right on her spine. Poor little thing must be in agony and it took me about three hours to get near her after that to get her in her carrier for the vet.

I never thought I would say this about a cat but this big one is SO mean and horrible. The other night I was sitting out the back and it just wandered across the lawn and sat down right in the middle of our garden. I went to chase it away and it just SAT THERE and looked at me - as if to say, `You don't scare me, I'll just do what I like' and finally when it did move it just sauntered off like it had no cares in the world.

And now it's hurt my baby and I'm just so FURIOUS!!! WHY can't people look after their animals and not let them roam around intimidating little creatures?
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Awww poor Sashka Sadly this is what happens with outside kitties.

I hope Sashka feels better soon, but give her kisses from me and the kitts
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Poor baby! I sure hope Sashka is all better very soon! Please do let us know!
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I know - I feel horrid. She's never been an outside kitty before - only the last two months when Mum has been looking after her for me while I'm in between houses. And even now she's only allowed out for a bit during the day - they all come in at night and spend quite a lot of time inside during the day, too. I feel so guilty...
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Don't beat yourself up Sarah You never know Sashka may not want to venture outside after this
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Actually, knowing her, she's probably planning her vengeance!!

Luckily now someone has flipped a switch and instead of it being boiling hot and 40 degrees outside it is freezing and raining - so she's quite happy to be on her mat sleeping away all day!!
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Poor Sashka! Sending healing vibes!
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