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wow, what an ordeal. Tink looks like a great cat though i'm sure you're doing a good job, and please follow everyone's advice.

good luck!
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I am wondering what any of you think about this idea I just had...

I've got a cat harness that will fit Tink. What do you guys think about me letting him out with the other cats with the harness on and me holding the leash? That way if he looks like he is going to start to attack someone I've got him at the end of the leash and he can't hurt anyone.

I was thinking about doing this tomorrow, for only a short period of time, hopefully before he gets agressive, and putting him right back in my office.
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Something very interested has happened in the dynamics between our other 6 cats that are in the rest of the house.

Grayson has become much more friendly with Peter and I, meowing a lot more than usual and following us both around. He has also become more agressive with the other cats, but not bad, just taking a swipe at them when they walk by him within his arms reach.

Before Tinkles exploded last night, Grayson was Tinkles' best friend. Grayson followed Tink everywhere and would lay down right on top of him to get him to clean him. Tink was usually good and would clean Grayson's face, then he would move and Grayson would get Tink's spot.

Whenever Tink and Gray would play, Grayson would always be the one laying on his back with his belly up, and Tink would be the one standing.

Is it possible Grayson is now trying to take over Tink's role as alpha cat? Grayson is also sitting outside the door to my office and sniffing and meowing a lot because he knows Tink is in here. When I open the door to let them sniff each other Tink just stares at him and he hissed at him once so I shut the door. When I let Bender sniff through a crack in the door Tink just gave Bender a glance then looked up at me; not the cold stare and hiss he gave Grayson.

Any ideas?
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Hi Sarah,

First, the harness idea is certainly worth exploring so give it a try and see what happens.

Second, yes, the dynamics in the household probably are changing. Lion and Bear have the same relationship with each other that Tink and Grayson had - it seems to have been restored between them, but the relationship they both had with my older cat Tristan changed. Tristan used to be the alpha cat and it had never been challenged until the night when the stray 'attacked' at them through the window. Lion took on the role of alpha, although Bear did some jockey-ing for it as well. Tristan was confused and had no idea what was going on and basically as long as there are no problems they can co-exist comfortably, but if there is a problem Lion moves into alpha mode. Aggression happens if one of the other two challenges it. I suspect that Grayson is deciding that he can do the alpha role as well and you will have Grayson and Tink jockeying for that alpha position. They will have to rework their own dynamics and a lot will depend on how strongly each insists that he be alpha. Since they had such a good relationship before - like the one between Bear and Lion in many ways - there is a lot of positive interaction there from previous so once they begin to 'chill out' again, there is a good chance to you will be able to restore some of that. Do remmeber that even though it has been a few days they are all still hyper and on edge and it doesn't take much to have one of them tumble over so be really alert to body language and act quickly to intercept any aggression before it actually becomes aggression. Have a blanket available to toss over Tink even when he is in the harness because you don't want him turning on you if he does get aggressive. Try and keep him in the company of one of the safe cats as well and gradually increase the time he spends with them outside of Gray's company.

Good luck


PS - one other useful bit of advice I received - if you need to pick up a cat to prevent a violent outbreak, pick up the alpha cat not the one he is attacking. If he hasn't become aggressive and is just doing the glaring and beginning to posture a bit you can prevent an outbreak that way. If he is already into aggressive mode - fur raised, tail puffed, stuff like that, touching him will set off the aggression so that is when you use the blanket instead.
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Just an update:

Last night Marge wanted in my office with Tinkles, so we let her in and the two both pretty much ignored each other.

This morning I let Cleo in and after about 2 minutes, Tinkles hissed and spit at her and chased her under the bed. (Yes I have a bed in my office!) So I broke Tink's stare first (very good advice) then he was OK for me to pick him up and put him in the large cat carrier (dog crate) I have in the room while poor Cleo worked up the courage to come out. Once Cleo came out from under the bed I tossed her outside and Bender came in. Thinks seemed fine between him and Tink in the crate so I let Tink out. Tink went stright to the bed to stare under there and see if Cleo was still there. Bender and Tink totally ignored each other like what happened between Tink and Marge last night.

So I guess we know who the "neutral cats" are now. Looks like Marge and Bender.

Very interesting.

I spent the night in here with Tink last night, he did throw up once, but it was a big messy hairball, and he usually throws up a big messy hairball about once a week. And yes I give him Laxatone.
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