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new kitten suckling on resident cat

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ok, i dont think this is a problem , more of a questioning question (if that makes sence).

ok we have a 7 month old cat - number 1, and a kitten just a little over 2 months old number 2. both females!!

now both cats get a long fine -which is great as sooty(#2) was adopted on the thought that hopefully honey would have a cat friend to keep her company, thus to cease the killer from trying to kill us humans in the house - she wasnt that bad but couls cause some nasty scratches and we have a young toddler so..

but the new kitten did the job, they play fight rather than honey trying that on us-

so now i am wondering if i should be worried about the kitten suckling from honey - she doesnt seem to mind - and when she does she has a hissy fit but that is very rare!, is a female cat that has never had kittens capable of producing milk to feed the kitten or is the kitten just comfort sucking?

and should i be stopping this or just letting them be?

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No, a female that hasn't recently had a litter is not capable of producing milk and it is my guess that the baby is doing this simply because it is comforting to her to - she isn't getting any milk, just a little comfort. If Honey doesn't like it, she will simply stop allowing the baby to do it, you won't have to stop them. *grin*
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"leave them be"

This is about as significant as a human toddler who still sucks his thumb. There's no milk and it is just a habit. If another pet wants to play along, they are just having fun and no one is getting hurt. Congrats on having two cats who seem to be good for each other and to be get along so well.
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Yes, leave them be. I had a 5 week old kitten who was 'rescued' and she was adopted by my 2 year old male cat. She would 'nurse' off of him and he would just let her do it and wash her the way a mother cat would. She eventually outgrew it, but it provided her with a sense of security and nurturing that she needed at the time. Your kitten, at 8 weeks, is actually a little bit young to have left 'momma' and your older kitten is providing her with much needed comfort.

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