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Strong smelling neutred male cat urine

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I just adopted a year old male cat. He was netured about 10 days ago. I already have a neutred male and spayed female. The new cat's urine and perhaps feces smell just awful. I scoop twice a day and the place still smells -- not ammonia like but just a bad strong smell. I was wondering if this was due to his late neutering and if it will get better with time. As far as I can tell, he hasn't marked anywhere and the smell is pretty much confined to the rooms and hallway outside where the litter boxes are. Could this smell also be due to the fact that he is new and is establishing his territory and it will get better as everyone adjusts, new and old kitties alike? I guess the other issue could be food. I adopted him from a shelter where he was fed high quality food but he wasn't there very long and probably wasn't fed very good food in his first year of life. He is currently eating Science Diet. He's going to my vet next week for a checkup so I can ask my vet then, but until then, this is quite the odor and am hoping to be reassured this will go away. Or, anyone have any good suggestions for easing it? Thanks so much for your help! He is a very sweet kitty and I'm hoping he'll be smell as sweetly soon too!

Oops, I posted a little too soon. I found a question very similar to mine posted not long ago. It sounds like this will get better with time. If anyone has any advice or a different perspective, that'd be great but it sounds like I just need to sit tight. Thanks....
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Yes, give it some time and the foul smell will fade. He was only neutered a few days ago. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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YEah, hang in there. I'm in the same situation with a new year old boy that was neutered a little over a month ago, and at first his urine smelled HORRIBLE and it's getting better now...
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to TCS! If I recall correctly, it took about 3 or 4 weeks for our last cat's urine to stop being so stinky. He was castrated at the age of about 8. As far as the feces are concerned, a change in diet will probably remedy that problem.
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Originally Posted by tsbuhr
He is currently eating Science Diet.
There is a thread on this forum about Science Diet that you will find interesting and enlightening. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41837
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