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Whisker Whooops!

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I'm home from work tonight due to a health problem...life goes on.

I lit a few (what I considered "safe") candles in the living room on the coffee table because I was feeling a little moody.
They are deep. square, glass enclosed candles, about 3" deep from wick to top.

Anyway, as you probably guessed, Rudy sniffed around them ,then stuck his face right in...POOF! No whiskers! Poor little guy! It didnt burn him, but he jumped back and right off the table backwards! :LOL:

Then, the little goofball went back, as if to say "Whats Up?" nd put his paw in the wax (I'd blown it out)...that hurt a bit, but no real harm done.

He looks so pathetic now, like he didnt already, he still is such a silly looking kitty, all lumpy and gangly, but now his lil whiskers are all curled up and short!

His name fits him even more now R.U.D= Really Ugly Duckling...but I wouldnt trade him for anything!
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Awww poor baby!!! But it is kinda funny!! Bless him....Im sure he'll recover soon enough!!!(and be back stcking his nose where it doesn't belong!! ha ha ha) Give his little whiskerless nose a kiss from me!! hee hee...I can just imagine it now......Like us without eyebrows!!! ha ha ha ha....too cute!

Ps Monty (my Cornish Rex) says theres Nothing wrong with curly fur/whiskers!!! They're a fashion statement you know!!
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One night I took a shower with the door closed & lit my 2 big 3-wick candles & forgot about Cinnamon. When I got out, she was up on the sink sniffing at the candle. I yelled, "Cinnamon, NO!" and she turned around really quick........ I got to it to blow it out in time, but I think she singed some her long tail hairs because you could smell burnt hair! I don't think she felt it, I think part of her hairs touched the burnt-out candle!

Oh, and yes..... Scooter says it's ok to have stumpy whisker, since Tigger still chews his down! It is a big fashion statement! :LOL:
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Aww poor little Rudy, and Cinnamom .

I remember on one occasion when my eldest brother was a child. He decided to cut our cats whiskers of, he did,nt mean to, I think he thought they were too long
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I've got candles in the house, but unfortunately, they never get lit since Excalibur almost set his tail on fire. They look nice!
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My cats have done the same thing. That why there's the say "Curiosity Killed the Cat". Hope he's okay.
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"Poor little guy! It didnt burn him, but he jumped back and right off the table backwards"

Well, wouldn't you?

I can just picture it, too! Poor babies, but I'm laughing.
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OUCH!!! Poor baby! I can just imagine what you went through too...poor YOU! on the boo-boo. :laughing2

Love & Hugs,
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Sparkle used to do this all the time. I always have candles lit. She spent the first two months we had her "whiskerless". When Mike took her to the vet for one of her many visits, the vet tech looked at her and said, "Oh, your kitty likes candles, too"? since she had no whiskers.
On Easter morning while I was busy in the kitchen getting ready for the family to come over, I had one candle lit on the breakfast table. I didn't see Sparkle sitting on the table next to the candle (she's not supposed to be on the table) until I smelled burning fur. She was just sitting there looking cute while her hair was being singed. She's a bit short in the brains dept. :-) So, her entire left side was stinking and singed for about a week. She finally learned her lesson and doesn't play with fire anymore!
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Oh Cleo, first of all, I am sorry to hear you are having more health problems, and secondly of all, I too laughed at your story, even though I am SO glad Rudy is okay, it was kinda comical to picture it!!
It's like my daddy always used to say, "it's no laughing matter, but no matter if you laugh" :LOL: Poor little Rudy!!! Do whiskers grow back?
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AWW poor Rudy!!

Yes I was wondering the same thing....do whiskers grow back?
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Yes, they grow back...thank goodness!

When I still had Lacey, my son (while under the influence of a certain "herb") decided it would be cool to cut off her whiskers. It wasnt cool, poor cat's balance and clearance judgement were all messed up. They grew back, but it took a long time.

Rudy still has whiskers, they're just very short and crinkly on one side! :LOL: And his little paw is fine, it didnt really burn him, was just a tad warm! :laughing2:

Thanks for the concerns over the health thing Debby.
This happens this time of year, I think the stress of the approaching Holidays triggers the M.S., which causes a few problems, it'll pass.
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Cleo, I hope you will feel better soon. My best friend who has MS also, went in last month to have surgery, to put some sort of computer chip in her stomach, because she was having so much problems with her legs being so stiff, that she couldn't even bend them, and her husband couln't either. She was hoping this would help her, but on the day of her surgery, the Dr. told her they couldn't do it because she was pregnant. She didn't know this, she was on the pill. She has one child, less than 3 years old, and it is hard for her to chase him around and take care of him, because of the MS, so she didn't really want another one, but now she is pregnant. 2 months along. She is a great mother, but I know she is worried about taking care of another baby, I hope you will pray for her that it will be okay.
Sorry I got off the subject of the cats, here, just wanted to talk about it. Hope that's okay.
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Let's hope stem cell research accelerates soon! And Vjoy here is some information about cat's whiskers, I got out of my book on cats

A cat has about twenty-four movable whiskers, twelve on each side of its nose (some cat's may have more). Whiskers are more than twice as thick as ordinary hairs, and their roots are set three times deeper than hairs in a cat's tissue. Richly supplied with nerve endings, whiskers give cats extraordinarily detailed information about air movements, air pressure and anything they touch.

The scientific word for whiskers is vibrissae, a name that suggests their exquisite sensitivity to vibrations in air currents. As air swirls and eddies around objects, whiskers vibrate too. Cats use messages in these vibrations to sense the presence, size, and shape of obstacles without seeing or touching them. Whiskers are also good hunting tools. A cat whose whiskers have been damaged may bite the wrong part of a mouse it's attacking, indicating that signals from these delicate structures provide cats with vital information about the shape and activity of its prey - interestingly, whiskers also help cats smell odours.

Whiskers can also be a bother to a cat, especially if he tries to eat food out of a bowl. The end of the whiskers touching the side of the bowl transfer irritating sensations to his brain, making it hard for him to continue eating.

Whiskers are extremely sensitive as they are closely connected to the nervous system. Any damage to his whiskers will cause your cat discomfort, and he may become confused or disoriented. DON'T ever trim his whiskers, and DON'T ever wash them, he will keep them clean himself.

When kittens are cleaned by their mother, she may chew off some or all of the whiskers - don't worry, this is normal and they will soon grow back.

Cats also have a number of reinforced hairs similar to whiskers on other parts of their bodies: over the eyes, on the chin and at the back of the legs.
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Thanks so much, hissy.
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I am such a candle person too. I have learned with the 11 cats, to keep them up where the cats can't reach them. It is too hard to keep an eye on all 11. Three years ago I stumbled into one of these candle parties. I have been using these party lite candles ever since. With the cats and my daughter, I found them to be the best out there. When the wax is melted, it does not ever get hot enough to burn. You can stick your finger into the wax while it's burning (of course watch out for the flame) Every time I move, I try and find a new rep. I don't usually buy the holders because they are a little expensive, but the candles have been well worth it.
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