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advice for adjustment

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was helping you could give me some suggestions for minnie. as you know, minnie & winnie went to their new home. I guess Minnie is being extremely shy around here new mom & dad. The guy called me last night to give an update. I recommened the feliway difuser for one, and also to just try to play with her toy wand that she loves. THey dont want to do anything to startle her. I told them that Minnie is a shy one, but once she knows you, she will be just find. What can you recommend/? Also, Winnie has hissed at Minnie a few times. I said its probably just because of new surroundings. Any other suggestions I can give them to help Minnie?
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Has she learned about treats yet? My cats have learned that the sound of a Pounce container being shaken means treats are going to be given. If they could teach her about treats, they might be able to get her to come out a little more readily. They could shake the container and put down a treat near her, and then back away. For shy cats, I've found that sitting quietly is the best thing, with only one person in the room. They seem to get overwhelmed when there is more than one person around. Sitting on the floor makes the human companion more accessible and less scary. People standing often can be perceived as threatening.
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