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Cash, Cary & Murphy update  

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Hi Everyone

A few new pics of the growing boys They're so much fun :laughing2 and mischevious. I hope they can put a big smile on your face :LOL:
He told me I had big feet! Is that nice?! :laughing2
Kitty see, kitty do :laughing2...that's Cash and Murphy
Cash, Cary & Bunny Love :laughing2
Murphy's getting so big and handsome of course
Me and Cary playin' around

Well, there they are...my boys

Love & Hugs,
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Oh, cool, if you see Cash & Cary hugging, there's the flyer I made for Opie. BUT...I found him and that's the nite I felt so good and I jsut started taking pictures the very next day I was in such a good mood! Oh well, I'm rambling...:laughing2 Here's just a few more
You guys are sooo confused!
Wahhhhhh! Cashman goes limp

Well, there they are; my boys

See ya...
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Too cute! I love them all!

I'm sitting here, making baby talk at the monitor as if the pwiddy widdle fuzzy-wuzzy kitty-wittys can hear me. I'd blame my behavior on insomnia and lack of sleep, but face it, I'd probably be doing the same thing if i was perfectly well rested. :disturbed
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Awwwwwwweeeeee!! Cat they are SO cute!! I love that one of you and Carry!!! Too cute, it looks like hes doing an upside-down wave to us!! "Hewwo....Mummy....Im getting a headache now!" ha ha ha....tooo cute!!! Now I HAVE to get a baby!!! Smooches to all the lil "scrumdiliumptous" babies!!! (hec, and the big babies too!!!)

Ps. Alexnell, you don't have to disguise your insanity here dear...we all wuv the iddy biddy furwey babbies.....
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The babes re sure growing and becoming hndsoem fellows!
Love them all!!!!

The ittey bitty kitty fuzzy wuzzies sweet tatootie kittie cat talkie walkie crept here to NYS too!
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Cat, awwww they are lovely photo's I especially love the one of Cash and Carry having a cuddle, they look so sweet .All the pictures are so adorable
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Oh Catarina they are just tooooo cute. I am jealous that I can only have one cat. waaaaaaaaa

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They are precious! I love the picture of them asleep in the drawer. They are so much fun when they're that age!

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:laughing2::laughing2: You guys are sooo funny!
Michelle - I almost fell off my chair with your reply, but then of course I don't need rest either to do that! :LOL: Wben I was visiting Opie at the vets yesterday I was doing that and taking his pics. The assistant actually said I was "whacked out" :laughing2...this is coming from an assistant! :laughing2
:angel2: :bubbly:
Rhea, I love that pic of him too!!! He's so funny. He's a bit more friendlier (Cash has more feral qualities), actually a lover. He loves to be cuddled and held all nite. So, he's a Mommy's boy for sure. I would be totally disappointed/disillusioned if we all didn't talk in iddy biddy shuga wuga ooogie boogie kibby talk :LOL:
Deb I sure wish you had one of those babies you could ship off to my vet. He needs a kitten and they can't find one!!! I can't believe it. They're getting so big aren't they...too fast too!
:angel2: :flower:
Hi there! It's always so sweet to hear from you. I know you've been busy, oh, I'm sure Jenna will get a kick out of the guys, I know how much she loves animals...make sure to give Felix huggy wuggy's from me :laughing2 ...(this is almost getting disgusting!) :laughing2 Now I know why the vet tech called me "whacked out"! :laughing2
:angel2: :girly2:
Meme You can't only have one! I give you permission to have another :laughing2... Don't let you know who see this!:LOL:

Donna, Awwww..yeah, aren't they adorable at that age and so comical! I don't need a TV and even when I try to watch, forget it...:LOL: they make sure that "they're" the one's getting the attention...I think they're spoiled. I'm not sure.

Well, here's to all a bunch of kuddwy wuddwy kibby wibby wuvy's :LOL::LOL:

Love ya!
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - kittens - they are soooooooo lick to have found you - they are adorable furballs.
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Oh Cat...those pics are so cute!! You definately put a smile on my face!!! My favorite is the "Why Me?" photo. :LOL:
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What incredible pictures! How CUUUTTEEEE!!!!

OOgie woodgie goo goo....

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Absolutely adorable!
My favorite is the one in the drawer when they are sleeping.
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Cat...They are all adorable!!
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Hiya you guys!!! I'm so glad you're smiling. I just love looking at kitten pictures, they're usually so comical!

Oh, Deb, that pic is my favorite too! Poor Murphy gets attacked by Cash all the time! :LOL: He thinks poor Murhp's his Mother and tries to nurse on him all the time...Murphy gives me this look like "Hellooooooo, uhhh...does this kitten have issues or what?"


Glad to see you enjoying them!

Love & Hugs,
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They are soooo precious!
How do I post pictures of my kitties? I bought a camera and took pics of them today (I used the whole roll up on them) and got them developed at the one hour service. I scanned them and cut em down so they were no too big.

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Photo Island is a good one to use, and Photo Point except I think now they charge you for any space that you use with them. They used to be free. Just go to a search engine and ask it to find Photo Island and then go there and register, it's easy and they give very good instructions on how to set it up.
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