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name my kitten #2

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right, we have a selection of names but cant decide what to choose.

I'm pretty sure what we've decided on but just for fun i'd like to see what you guys think:

here is a photo of the little guy to remind you what he looks like

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Don't know why, but I just love the name Dexter. What an unbelieveable CUTIE PIE!!!
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Such a precious little boy!
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My niece likes the name Diesel, so that's how I voted!
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your niece must have good taste because so far diesels in the lead.

all the names except diesel which katpixiedust suggested have stories behind them but i wont say what they are until he's been named.

just want to see what you guys like the sound of.
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AWWW! Those pictures make my heart melt! I especially love the one of him alone on top of the kitty scratcher thingy!
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Well I think you know what I voted for!
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He is soooo cute!!!
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He is a beautiful little boy!
Diesel just stood out right away- maybe cuz it's like a little tough guy name. It's so hard to name them, isn't it? Sometimes it takes a long time, cuz you have to be SURE.
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I thought Diesel was the cutest name. Whenever he is purring you can say his diesel engine is idling.
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I liked Diesel too! Such a spunky name! He is just too cute!!
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I voted for Diesel!
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i like Thai
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Diesel seems to be the clear winner at the moment!
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umm ithink YOU SHOULD TAKE MY!!!!!!! advice which is jupiter because it suits her :P
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he's so cute! i voted diesel
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I have a all black Dexter boy too so that's my pick.
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I voted Dexter - it just seemed to suit him somehow.

Those are lovely photos - I love the one of him following his mommy out of the door - and OMG we have the same cat carrier!!! We have the little one for Lily and the bigger version for the other fatty fluffballs.
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the first time we took Mav to the vet we didnt have a cat carrier, we had a cardboard box from my mums wine order from tresco. so it said on the side in large letters WINE ORDER WILLIAMS 1 OF 6.

the receptionist gave us such a withering look we rushed to argos straight after and got the carrier!
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If its a 'he' you shouldnt name him Artemis,,she's a goddess.
They are all great,, but to me he looks like a Thai, short(playful) and exotic.
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lol- but no one in my family has any idea who artemis is so i could get away with it....

or i could go with apollo, her twin
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LOL! Argos - yes that's where ours came from too. a wine carrier - I love it - especially saying 1 of 6 - the receptionist will have all sorts of ideas about how much you drink . You could tell her it was supplies for the TCS vacation!

There was always Artemis Fowl - he was a boy!
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i didnt know the carrier came in 2 sizes, i hope i got the bigger one...

i saw a tiny carrier just like ours last time i was at the vet. inside it was a hamster!! a little dramatic, we always took oursi in a shoe box!
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I love the name Diesel, and was tempted by it, on the theory that he might have a diesel-engine purr. But, this itty bitty cutie is going to grow up and, to my mind, needs a dignified name to grow into. So Dexter got my vote. My GOD, he's darling!
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What a sweet kitten. Welcome to the world little purr factory.

I love the name Dexter...
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i voted for diesel since its fins middle name!
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