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Kitty in the Leaves!

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Here are some photos of Jess. I took them in fall of 2003. Some of you know that Jess was my youngest sister's kitty who got hit by a car in the spring of 2004. Some of the photos I know I had threads for here, but they were attachments and eventually got deleted or lost. I can't believe it was so long ago when I took the photos and it's taken me a long time to post the ones that I never included. These ones in the grass I know I didn't have on here before. This was an exceptionally nice day in late October 2003 where I visited Tamara and we took Jess outside to play in the park across the street.

Waiting to go outside.

Jess enjoying our company in the grass and watching things.

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What gorgeous pictures of the sweet kitty in the leaves!
RIP Jess
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Love the kitty in the leaves. Great pictures and a beautiful cat.

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Great pics , cute cat
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what gorgeous pics!
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Thank you everyone.
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She was a beautiful cat, Ryan. Sorry to hear about the accident.
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Thanks Chris.
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She was very beautiful, I love the pics.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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What a precious baby!
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She's lovely. Sad to hear she's no longer with us . It is nice that you and your sister have these beautiful pictures to remember her by.
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Ryan she's a beauty! I'm so pleased you've put them on.

RIP sweet Jess
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Wow, Ryan! Jess is so incredibly beautiful! She must really have enjoyed her time outside! Thank you for sharing these great pictures with us. I know you love her so much, and am very truly sorry you lost her.
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aww jess you are so pretty
I think you would have been a perfect companion for Ryan!!
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Ryan, she was a beautiful girl! {{HUGS}}
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oh my, how breathtaking. I am so sorry -- but today she will be my screen saver, beautiful girl!
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She looked like such a sweet kitty.... very beautiful!
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Jess reminds me of my beloved tabby, Bartholomew...
who died at age 16, almost 5 years ago.
Sweet Mew...
Sweet Jess...
They are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
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She is so cute. I'm so sorry she's no longer with you. Those are great pictures. I love her little face.
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What a beautiful cat. Her markings were gorgeous. It's sad to think she isn't here anymore, but I'm sure she is enjoying her time in Heaven.
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Thanks everyone. Now there's another kitty you'll be able to recognize at the rainbow bridge.
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Jess looks like she was a sweet kitty and so beautiful!
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