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What do your cats do....

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just with/to you? My examples:

Sammy: Sammy is a VERY tolerant cat. He's relaxed and doesn't scare easily. He LOVES to watch thunderstorms and vacuums. If you pick him up, he'll wiggle if he wants to be put down, but if you hold on, he'll just wait it out. He's still a kitten, so he does use his teeth a bit, but not hard at all (more of a press with teeth between licks). EXCEPT with ME. Sometimes, Sammy will bite me HARD. Only me (and on occasion, my boyfriend, but not as hard as me). He actually broke the skin a little the other day. He's very bad ! It's very weird, since I never see him bite other people. I think he does it to make me mad, the tricky devil !

Lola: Lola is a SPAZ and won't let anyone near her while on the ground floor (up in my room, she's a little more comfortable and cuddly, but still nervous). Except ME. She rolls onto her back down there and meows until I pay the demanded attention to her. Sometimes, if there are other people nearby, she'll do this, then bolt when I try to pet her . Silly goose. She also has no qualms about using my head for a boost to look out the window above my bed.

So, that's my two weirdos....what do your little guys do ONLY with or for you?
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socks always sucks on my clothes he wont do it to anyone else, i think it's really sweet
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Angel will jump on the bed when I'm sleeping, put his head next to my ear and let out the world's loudest meow.

Every day when I get home from work he starts using the couch as a scratching post and then he meows at me because he's upset I was gone so long.
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My cats Redford and Cassidy will only snuggle with me. They take turns when I get home from work to jump on my lap. That is why we had to get Inca for my husband when he moved in with me. He had kitty envy. Cassidy will also only play fetch with me. I throw a little foil ball that is too big for her to swallow and she will bring it back to me to throw again. Who needs expensive pet store toys. (I still buy them though )

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Eponine will curl up in my face in the morning and purr and purr and won't get up until I give her a treat
Cosette isn't as picky since she's still so young....she'll love on/play with ANYONE!
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the new baby will wrestle with me and try to groom me (he's Mavericks son and only 1 month old)

Maverick will, well to be fair i'm the only one she doesnt ignore/tolerate! so she'll play and love me back also rabbit kick and try to wrestle me. she also sleeps in bed with me but only if BF isnt staying over.
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Tigger wont let my b/f pick him up he screams in protest, but of course mommy can! He's a one person cat and will only sit on my lap or snuggle with me and give me kisses. Picasso will only suck on his wobby if it is on my lap.
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Bella will sing for her supper: she follows me into the kitchen, gets up on the chair and mews at me with one paw in the air, claws out. It's so cute because she has her feet bunched up under her so that you'd think she'd tip over if she leans out as far as she does, but she reaches toward me with that paw and "aouw"s - she has such a tiny tiny voice!

Mika is a love - she was supposedly hand-raised after mama was killed (that's the story her original owner got from the petshop) and she loves to love on you! she wakes me up every morning by kneading on my pillow purring to beat the band!! and once she knows I'm awake and lying on my back, she'll nuzzle her nose to mine, and her whiskers tickle!!
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Sierra does everything only with me! She is very skittish and won't even be in the same room with anyone but me if she has any say about it. She is the most loving, precious, sweet talking, beautiful baby in the world! She's just a Mommy's girl!
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What a nice thread. Its great to read about your special kitties.

Bijou only suckles on me and only on my left side! He has to have his suckie before he sleeps every night then he puts his head on my pillow facing me (breathing into my face) and sometimes a paw around my neck. He only sleeps close with me - he'll sleep with my husband but at the end of the bed by his feet. With me he sleeps cheek to cheek or under my chin.
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Well Gandalf is a Momma's boy, he'll run and hide if anyone else comes in the house. He's also my lap cat. He is starting to come out though if he figures out he knows who's in the house. He loves my cousin's boyfriend cause Jason will play with him.

Samwise on the other hand has never met a stranger but he will only cuddle with me and only I can pick him up and have him not struggle to get away.
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Teufel will open the cup board and take out the fish food (the one thats easy to open) and will bat it around untill its opened and all over the floor and when i go there and catch him he will give me the sweetest looks like "well you didnt add any salt or pepper to my wet food"
sometimes i sprinkle some fish food into his wet food just so he will eat it!
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Beamer loves to suck on my hair. It is a creepy feeling but he loves his mama so! Buffy will meow in her little voice until I love on her but runs if my bf goes to pet her. She is fine if I put her on his lap but he cannot get her. What a fraidy cat!
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Cute stories. I love reading these.

K.C. nuzzles my hair... drooling/chewing nuzzling thing. She doesn't do that with anyone else. Only at night, too.

All of my cats sleep on me now, but Snickers is the one in charge of my feet. If I happen to move them during the night he'll get up, find the feet, and drape himself over them!

Dusty gives hugs and kisses. She is a people-cat and doesn't like other cats. She is the only cat who puts her arms around your neck and 'hugs', the only cat who if you make a little puckering sound, will rub her nose against your nose. And she purrs so loud, she's like one of those vibrating pillows!
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Grimalkin (Baby G) will jump up into my arms from the floor if I call her name. She won't do it for anyone else, she looks at them like, "Yeah, riiiight."
Onyx won't let anyone but me pick her up. Beruthiel will only let my BF pick her up.
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Conner sucks and chews on my hair, annoying but cute. He also likes to cuddle with Tony,, but insists on being 'held' close by me when we go to bed, he also only meows me to death. I guess he knows that I listen and Tony doesnt, I'm the idiot who will follow him around while he meows his orders at me,,lol. So I get all of the yelling(meowing), from the time I come home to the time I go to bed,,unless he is napping or eating, that's my free time!

Conner 'hugs' also. Draping his arms about my neck.
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Fred stand on my lap, gives me sloppy little kitty kisses, the offers me the top of his heard to kiss. After I give him his kiss, he will lay his head on my chest until I pick him up and hold him. He has done this since he was a tiny kitten, and he had to stretch to give me kisses. If I make kissy noises at him, he gets so happy and runs to my lap. When I am sick, he will sit on my pillow, awake, and watch over me. I had a kidney stone and slept for 18 hours. He sat there the whole time, with only one trip to the litter box. When I opened my eyes, he came and laid down next to me and went to sleep. I guess he wanted to make sure I was ok.
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Limerick will climb in my lap and sleep when I'm working at the computer. He won't do that with anyone else.
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Muddy will leap up into my arms if he wants attention and I'm not giving it to him quickly enough. If I don't manage to catch him, he falls, as he doesn't try to hold on - he assumes I will catch him. Talk about complete trust (he was orphaned and I bottle fed him).

Scarlett flings herself on her back next to my pillow each night at bedtime and demands that I scratch her stomach. If I don't scratch correctly, she will chirp in anger and jump off the bed.

Tigger is on my lap a lot. It is the rare person other than my husband who has ever seen him (in 9 years), and my husband is the only other person who has ever touched him.

I wake up each morning to my 4 biggest boys (Stumpy, Pinky, Spanky and Tigger). Once in a while Dakota will be up there with us, but my big-uns never miss a morning wake up without their mom. Tigger on my right near my feet. Spanky by my hips, Stumpy under my left arm and Pinky sometimes on my chest or between my legs.
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My cat, Sammy, likes to take his toys in the empty bathtub and play with them.
He'll also run around in the tub and chase his tail. It's really funny. I put his toy mice on the edge of one of the living room chairs and he likes to knock them off-sending them flying across the room. At night, he likes to follow me around from room to room and watch what I'm doing.
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RedCat and Purdy are both such scaredy cats that they will only stay or come in a room if I'm the only one there. In fact, they run and hide if they even hear a car coming in the driveway. So everything those two do is only with me!
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Marsh will come and snuggle with me EVERYTIME i watch TV... i love it
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All three of my cats have things they'll only do with me, and separate things they'll only do with my husband.

This is so weird, I can't believe I'm posting it, but while I'm on the toilet Tailer loves to sit inside my pants (which are around my ankles) and purr up at me. Tailer also bats and nips at the back of my legs when he wants my attention. (I'm sure he picked this up from our bunny, who used to tug on my pant leg then nip me if she wanted my attention.) I'm also the only one who can pick him up when it's storming.

Harvey give me hugs...he'll stand and put his paws on my shoulder and rub against me. He'll also "flop" backwards in my arms when I pick him up so I can pet his belly.

If I sit in the middle of the floor, Forest will come and wobble around me rub up all over me. He also likes to play with, and chew on, my hair.
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