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Vet doesn't tranquilize feral in trap

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Does anybody have a vet that doesn't tranquilize the feral in the trap before taking her out? If the cat is a Taz like thing, of course.
My vet doesn't..at least not yet. He isn't familiar with ferals and all the ones that I've taken to him have been manageable, except for the last two. One they finally caught with a hog snare and another they used "Shannon, the cat tamer"..Shannon is the vet's assistant and she's truly great with animals but geez, to think that they could have been hurt & the kitty quarantined or euthanized ..I told them about the law in vet clinics but he shrugged it off..I wonder what'll happen when I take the hardest feral in the colony..
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The gal where I take mine says they snatch them up in a net, witch takes practice, then they give them the injection, but where I go they take care of alot of ferals, alot of work with rescue groups and there very nice there, took very good care of the ten I took there, didn't have any problems with any of the spay and nueters or when a couple of them got sick and I had to take them. There really Great
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Thanks halfpint ..I found some info for vets on taking care of ferals in AlleyCat.org..I'll show it to them next Monday when I go to pick-up the cat.
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My vet has this really cool net thingy.
It looks like giant tongs and he just clamps them around the wild one and they can't move. It doesn't hurt them because it is made of a giant fish net looking thing and the cat is just cradled in the middle of it unable to move.
He was able to sedate him and give him the treatment he needed.
He had ear mites really bad and had torn the side of his head up pretty badly. The vet cleaned his ears really good and gave him a dose of Revolution and he was as good as new. He also got an injection of antibiotics and prednisone too.
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When they're so scared they're manageable, our vet takes them out of the cage before anaesthetizing them. But when they're all hiss - they get zapped while still in the cage. I don't know what they use to catch escaped cats - I've never seen it happen (*phew*).

I'm sorry your vet just shrugged it off. It's a lot of stress for the kitties to begin with - let alone having to be chased around unnecessarily.
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