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paranoid mommy ?? help (long..)

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I am not sure where to ask this question except here where everyone is really kind and also loves kittys but is really knowledgable. I need to know if I am crazy/paranoid or just need to learn about cat behavior..

As I posted in my welcome thread, I have an almost (tomorrow!) 7yr old spayed, docile, gentle beautiful kitty named Bella. 6 mos ago I rescued her from the humane society where she grew up w/ a nice family so she hasnt been abused or neglected (they just couldnt keep). 3 mo after I got her she became very ill and it was quite tramatic -- to the vet several days in a row, throwing up for 2 days, no sleep, lots of blood tests, and was diagnosed with severe IBD. So bad was she, that she had major surgery to repair her dissolving colon and she spent 2 wks in kitty ICU with serious blood count issues. With lots of prayer, Bella came home in early January and has been steadily gaining weight, using her littler box regularly and eating her very strict diet very well. Since then she has gone to the vet 2 times, once for itchy eyes (pollen allergy that cleared up) and once for impacted anal glands (also cleared up). But now I am finding myself watching her every move with a magnifying glass.
So my question is -- how do I know the difference between normal ups/downs of cat behavior and early warning signs of being sick?
The vet has given her a clean bill of health about 10 days ago, and her coat is beautiful and eyes are clear, teeth good, litter box usage regular but still every time she does something a little different, I want to bring her in for a new checkup.. (I am beginning to think Mom needs a check up in the head!!)

Its stuff like -- she slept all day yesterday (for probably 5-6hrs straight) then ate, then was lazy for a good portion of the night. She played a little too but seemed really lazy.
Or.. she is not 'gobbling' her 1/3 can wet food like she used to do. She still eats a fair bit at the beginning but is now doing more grazing and cleaning herself or napping in between eating. It takes her 3hrs to eat her wet breakfast and about the same for dinner. She does graze on dry in between her wet.
Or.. how can I tell if she is happy/content? I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I would be so unhappy being in a 650sq foot apt without ever leaving. Is this ok for her? Its all I can afford and I have given her quite a few toys/condo and I have lots of windows for her to look out, and I play with her as much as she wants, and she sleeps w/ me at night.. Is there more I could do?
Or.. is it normal that she doesnt play with most of her toys? She thinks the laser is not worth chasing. And seems to only like her scratching posts (she has 3) and her stuffed animals on a string. She loves strings & that sort of thing, but wont really chase anything much .. and seems like a lazy player. She seems to have the attitude of 'gimme a break.. why bother'. Even the catnip I bought seems to have done nothing to stimulate her much except for her to rub her face in it.. (it may be stale too..)
Or.. is it normal to have her ears get warm sometimes? this happens periodically and sometimes its from the heater she loves to lay in front of.. other times they just are warm w/o the heater. weird!!

ok, I am done and am somewhat embarrased by all this.. I feel dumb, but I guess I am afraid she will get sick again and I wont catch it in time. So are all these things normal just little kitty things? I dont want to live in fear or be haulng her into the vet every week just in case..
thanks for your input.. sigh.
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hi there, I only have time right now to reply to your question in there about wet food drop-off and that is completely normal after spay. Her appetite for high cal, fatty foods will drop and as long as she's grazing, cleaning herself, etc - that's a great sign. Many years ago, my SiSi (Sasha's mama) rejected all wet food after her spay and became cereal only for 11 + years! I called her my "vegetarian kitty" - she never wanted any friskies gourmet grill after that at all. Your questions are great! Other members will respond too~~
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She sounds like she is fine and just decompressing. It sounds like she really went through a lot of trauma and now is just her down-time. Unless you see something really alarming, if she goes off her food completely for 24 hours, stops drinking, starts drooling, or becomes lethargic or misses the litter pan (by the way, i would give her two pans, not one). Then I wouldn't worry about her so much. She really is just responding in a normal manner after dealing with all that stress and pain-
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gosh, thanks hissy & sashacat.. that makes me feel better. Its my first time being a kitty mama and its been so sweet but also alot to deal with for both of us. guess it will take time huh? thank you for the reassurance.

btw, i will try to find a place for another litter pan.. probably a good idea.
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