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The Tourist Guy is BACK!!!  

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Hi There Everyone :angel2: :daisy:

There were alot of members that didn't get to see the tourist guy. I guess the guy was updating the site...well, it's up and running as of 11/15/01. So here's your chance to see a really funny site. This guy did alot of work on it. I hope you take a minute to go see...here's the link www.thetouristguy.com HAVE FUN!

Love & Peace,
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Yey!! Thanks Cat!! It worked this time!! yipeee!!! That site is so funny!!
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Looks like a guy I used to date!

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I love the site- just wonder if you have a favorite one in the gallery?
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I emailed him and I guess I was one of 19 million! ahahaha! He couldn't read them all I'm sure, but he does say that the site will be up for a little while longer, so visit while you can...
:laughing2 Rhea, isn't that site too much! I'm glad you got to see it hon.

Donna, I wish I had a phone so you could hear me laugh so hard when you said he looked like your boyfriend!!! :laughing2 Not that the guy's bad looking, it just sounded so funny!

Hissy, I have no idea...I counted at least fifteen, but the one that really sticks out is the one with his head pasted on the angel on the the Cistine Chapel's ceiling. Michael Angelo's rolling in his grave. Too funny! I thought the one with his reflection on the mask of Neil Armstrong on the moon was pretty cool too. One more....the one where he draws his face on the scud missle! It looks like he took a bunch of video boxes and scanned them, then cut and pasted his face on the main photo used for marketing...Needless to say he's creative and has a great sense of humor.

Listen to this...evidently the guy was taking a lot of flack from a Brazilian group of kids making accusations that he and other Americans were racist. Very intersting. He was obviously adament about putting the site back on. If you get a chance to read about that click on the link "News".

Love & Peace,
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That was really funny! :laughing: I like the one of him in the car with President Kennedy!!! :LOL:
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I have a lot of favorites and there are some where I have to look really close to see the guy in the picture at all, others he sticks out like a sore thumb, but I have to say the NASA shot is one of my favorites as well
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