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Radio question for the day: 03/31/05

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Have you ever been the doer or the victim of an April fools joke?
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Hee hee, I am always doing april fools jokes. Especially on my teachers in high school.
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I've been both, though honestly I can't remember any jokes I've pulled.

Once though a local radio station that played rock music played latin music ALL day on April 1st and made people believe they had just out of the blue changed formats. That one was pretty elaborate!

There have been more...but that one stands out the most!
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My daughter informed me last night she has a really good April Fool's joke to play on me Friday. She giggled and said, "it has to do with your bra, heh heh". So I am really looking forward to her imagination with this one. I need a new bra anyway.
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Oh, yes. Been on both the giving and receiving ends, and aided and abetted more than once
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Both...every year....without fail...
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Told my mom I was preg. when I was in high school for an April Fools. I had my step dad in on it too. Poor mom.

She tried to get me back once but I don't even remember what she didn
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No I haven't but then my friends and I are pretty boring. That being said, I buy gag gifts for people all the time just not on April Fools Day.
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That reminds me...this is really bad....

Me and my roommate decided to play a joke on her mother for april fools.

We had it all worked out.

We wrote up a letter from the phone company saying that the phone lines were going to be cleaned out and that to please put a plastic bag on the receiver whenever she used the phone for the time specified as there will be dust blowing out through it from the phone lines.

She didnt exactly fall for it. But she thought it was the phone company who was playing the joke and called them and blasted them for the letter. It wasnt until later that evening, when she found a draft copy hidden under our schoolwork that she realised it was us.

Man, the look on her face was priceless!
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Oh, APril 1 is a blast at school.
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i never celebrated it in australia, but my mother used to always play jokes on me!
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I used to do them, haven't in years. Hmmmm will have to think of something!
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Last year i got woken up by my mum and i was half a sleep, and she said
"guess what, i've just done a test and i'm pregnant!!!!!" i was so happy and crying, she then called me about 10 mins later and said "carrie, April fools, i'm only joking!!!"
i was so guttered the worst thing is that she has been sterilised about 10 years ago!!! I'm so gullible
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Have you ever been the doer or the victim of an April fools joke?
Nope. I think April fool's day is dumb.
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Is like december 28, in México, the Inocents Saints????? just for ask....
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Seems you're right, Rigel. Here's a link with a bunch of info...
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Seems you're right, Rigel. Here's a link with a bunch of info...
Thanks Frannie!!! , and answering the Susie´s Question, Hummmm, I Think sometime but I can remember, what exactly I made!
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No, I haven't.
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I haven't, no. Now I have a perfect joke that was played on my Mom by my Dad about 7 years ago.

Dad at the time was riding a Honda 750 Custom. Nice bike, but it was a smaller bike than his previous bike (Honda GoldWing, saddlebags and all). Well he had stopped by to buy Mom some flowers.

Comes home. Takes the 'bouquet' and hands it to my Mom with this sadden look on his face. "I'm sorry honey, I tried to get you flowers, but because this bike doesn't have saddlebags, all the flowers broke on the ride!" My Mom takes the 'bouquet' which is really broken stems wrapped up beautifully. The look on her face is one of confusion, "Thanks honey..." she wasn't sure if she was to throw them away or put them in a vase!

My Dad starts busting out laughing, and pulls out the real bouquet. My Mom ended up hitting him on the chest with the broken bouquet. =)
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Doer, but a couple of years back a friend got me realllllll good!!
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I have before, but not today. I think I have played pranks of my parents before.
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