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New forum? "Moral support" (suggestion)

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I am noticing a lot of people posting in the "Our Feline Companions" area that are asking for moral support. Usually it is someone concerned about their cats or nervous about an upcoming vet visit. I was just wondering if the owners or moderators of this site would want to put all of those topics in one place? Kind of like how you organize the "Rainbow" forum.

Because they really aren't asking for advice...they just want to vent or have pleasant assurances. And sometimes it looks like they are asking questions, or they describe a tough situation and say "what would you do?", then they react very negatively when people start offering practical suggestions. They feel attacked and get frustrated. I could give examples but the moderators probably know what I mean.

I'm just saying...if all this moral support stuff was in one place, then the people replying to the topics would understand the poster's real intentions of wanting a hug or an assurance. And if people posted topics in the other forums, they would need to expect they will get practical advice and it wouldn't be appropriate for them to get mad at the suggestions they receive.

Hopefully all of this makes sense.
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Actually (someone correct me if I'm wrong), H&N is the designated place for those kinds of threads. Many of them are posted in the Lounge, but are moved by the mods to H&N so that they will all be together.
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Cindy is correct. A board magic forum was discussed some time ago and decided against- but thanks for the suggestion
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Okay, makes sense!
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